Sunday, October 2, 2016

Representative John Ratcliffe Questions FBI Director
James Comey Concerning Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal

'Crooked Hillary' Clinton Is Being Protected By The DOJ & FBI

CTH -- An intellectually honest person would have to admit the only reasonable conclusion drawn from the current FBI documentation, combined with the recently disclosed immunity agreements, is they had no intention of charging anyone involved with the Clinton email scandal and subsequent cover-up – from the outset.

It you are one of the increasingly rare few who hold the opinion that FBI Director James Comey was attempting to find otherwise, I would strongly urge you to watch this video.

Pay specifically close attention to the segment where Representative Ratcliffe outlines the lies made by Platte River Network’s Paul Combetta and how those lies align with the immunity Combetta was given.

Combetta was given DOJ immunity in December 2015, he lied to the FBI in February of 2016 and yet Comey can’t reconcile why the immunity didn’t immediately dissolve.

John Ratcliffe Verbally Crucifies James Comey

The first step in tearing down a rigged system, is admitting the system is rigged.
Blog Author's Comments -- This is not incompetence on Comey's part; this is willful obstruction of justice on the part of the FBI. The question is who is behind the obstruction, perhaps someone currently living on Pennsylvania Avenue? I don't believe that Comey is worried about anything. Unless it’s the fear of being "found out" for his role in all of this and his help with the cover up. But, his aura of complete calm testifies to his level of confidence that they have gotten away with it. I would hope that someone in the FBI had access and made copies of everything to hand over to Trump if he wins the presidency.

There has to be that one person in the DOJ or FBI that is not as corrupt as the rest of those involved, and is just waiting to come out, because they are as disgusted as we are for the shame the Obama Administration has heaped on these two offices. Hillary Clinton manages to escape unscathed, no matter how corrupt and unlawful she is. The only way to stop her is to defeat her in November. If that does not happen it will be the end of the America many of us had once known.

Trump Slams FBI Immunity Deals For Hillary
Aides, Says Hillary Probably Got Immunity Herself

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