Friday, September 30, 2016

New Map Shows Swing States In Play,
And It's Looking Good For Donald Trump

Bizpac -- Donald Trump is leading in five of the top seven battleground states, according to a new poll.

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly broke down the “dramatic numbers” from a Real Clear Politics poll during Thursday’s “The Kelly File.” The seven swing states in the 2016 battle for the White House represent more than one third of all the electoral votes needed to win.

The poll showed Trump leading over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by five points in Iowa and more than two points in Nevada. The Republican nominee is also leading in the key states of Ohio and North Carolina. In Colorado, Trump is just edging ahead of Clinton.

In the swing state of Florida, the two candidates are in a dead heat while Clinton continues to lead in Pennsylvania, the poll showed. But in that state, where Trump has not been expected to win, he has narrowed the gap to less than two points.

Kelly noted that the battleground states, except for North Carolina, were won by President Obama in the last two election cycles.
Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest, lying, corrupt, creature to ever run for president and the liberal voters who plan to vote for her refuse to face the facts and the truth. They have been force fed the lies and half truths and are incapable of a free and honest thought of their own. Hillary and her staff just twist the half truths and lies and they get spread among the liberal media and they run with them to protect her and continue to use them against Donald Trump.

Hopefully, by Election Day, enough people will be on the Trump train and off the Hillary wagon to make Trump President of these United States, but time is running out and most of the Washington D.C people in power are covering up all the corruption Clinton is guilty of. If Hillary wins it is the death of America. If one can believe this poll there is still hope for us. Now Donald Trump has to stop with the petty ‘tweets’ against everyone who comes out with some false statement about him and continue to act presidential. This would be a big help in his quest for the White House and to finally remove Hillary Clinton from politics.

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