Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chairman Devin Nunes Interview With Tucker Carlson...

Last night Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appeared on Tucker Carlson television show for an interview. The topic is the HPSCI investigation into the details of the Clinton-Steele Dossier and the FBI’s politically motivated use therein to obtain a fraudulent FISA surveillance warrant.

Earlier in the day Chairman Nunes sent letters to former President Obama officials in an effort to discover their connection to the dossier and their knowledge of the content.

(Via: TLR)
Blog Author's Comments: “Earlier in the day Chairman Nunes sent letters to former President Obama officials in an effort to discover their connection to the dossier and their knowledge of the content.”

Are they required to answer? And what are the consequences if they won’t? Would subpoenas then be forthcoming? After which they will testify under oath, and lie. They can lie, but the risk is that Nunes already knows the answer to some of the questions. First rule for an attorney, never ask a question you don’t already know the truthful answer to. There has been a huge amount of lying coming from the Democrats and former members of the Obama administration. I don't believe we will ever receive the answers to the lies and who did what, since Donald Trump devastated the Democrats with the defeat of Hillary Clinton and becoming our president.

Now, how do the Republicans rid themselves of the Special Counsel Mueller? Mueller will never leave unless he is forced out or gets Trump for some sort of crime. He will not simply go after getting some of the little people in the administration. I hope there is a plan in place to get rid of him somehow. If the deputy AG, Rosenstein goes (fired or resigns – depending on the Inspector Generals report) his replacement could and should fire Mueller. The Trump administration has to deal with Mueller because of the AG Jeff Sessions, who is the most worthless Republican Attorney General that I can remember.

I get the sense that actual charges and prosecutions are not the intended goal for the Democrats. The Mueller Investigation only needs to make Team Trump look bad. The more dirt they can imply, infer or manufacture the better, particularly going into the mid-terms. It is a massive state sponsored character assassination fest. If the Democrats can use it to pick up some seats, that’s what matters. Years from now the prosecutions will be a footnote, but the epic Trump Russia Collusion Investigation that lasted for years will be a legend.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Anti-Trump Olympian Fails To Medal In Games...

Back in December, TruthRevolt reported that alpine skier champ Lindsey Vonn insisted that she was heading to the 2018 Winter Olympics to represent the United States and NOT President Trump.

Vonn, 33, appeared on CNN and boasted that she would turn down any invitation to the White House after the games.

Well, on Saturday, Vonn lost her first Olympic race in eight years, according to Fox News, and won’t be bringing home a coveted medal despite being one of the best in the world. However, that did earn her quite the criticisms on Twitter from those upset by her anti-Trump remarks.

“Guess ‘Lindsey Vonn’ won't have worry [sic] about declining that Trump invitation to the WH after all!” one user jabbed.

Another quipped:
Yes the Trump Curse is real A perfect run...and DOHHHH Hahahahaha#Olympics #LindseyVonn #MAGA #Choke
“Lindsey Vonn said she was going to boycott the White House visit,” another wrote. “No worries. Her President doesn’t plan to see her. Because she’s not a winner.”

Vonn’s honor was defended by the former U.S. women’s national soccer team captain, Julie Foudy, who said she was “sickened and disgusted… by the lack of humanity that engulfs our country.”

“She just raced her damn heart out & Trump supporters gloat/cheer/celebrate her inability to medal. Is this what we've become?” Foudy asked.

Vonn responded and thanked her for the support:

Foudy replied, saying she’d had enough with “cheering for an Olympian to fail” and added, “The vitriol in our country is everyone’s loss.”

Okay, but an Olympian who is representing the U.S. AND the president, whether they like it or not, asked for this “vitriol” when denying an essential duty of an Olympic athlete. Maybe Vonn can go out for the NFL next.
(Via: Truth Revolt)
Blog Author's Comments: So, Vonn starts a fight with the President, by saying she won't go to the White House and isn't "representing Trump", as if anyone claimed she was, and she's the victim when that karma blows up in her face? Using the wording of her friend and defender, Julie Foudy, I'm "sickened and disgusted" as well, by our own Olympic athletes' inability to refrain from taking uncalled-for jabs at our president. I have to assume Vonn voted for Hillary, so Vonn lost and Hillary lost too. Could it be that the Russians hacked her skis? Perhaps Vonn choked on the MAGA.

Like other "progressives" she specializes in saying stupid things. She should be thankful for the privileged life she is living in a great country with an exceptional President who is – and this upsets her - a white man. Here's the deal folks, I'm tired of the 'athletes' going to the press, taking shots at the President of the United States, then saying they were offended. If you find yourself in a fight with someone, ask yourself who drew first blood? This generation, Obama's generation, are just plain fools with no critical thinking skills. She should have just shut up and skied.

So this is America? A U.S. athlete starts with an unsolicited, unwarranted comment, then when people are angry and offended and answer back, its vitriol? Don't start something then play the victim. But that is the nature of a liberal. Vonn went from someone else's political darling to an Olympian failure. She should have no confusion as to why fewer people care about whether she wins or not. She did it to herself. Let her sponsors know how you feel about the "face and comments" of their products, especially how you may choose not to purchase their products because of her. She apparently thought she was a bigger star than she is and got the national spanking she deserved.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Myth That Won't Die: Trump
Won Because Putin Wanted Him To

The myth that is driving Robert Mueller's collusion investigation was being pushed by the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House in the immediate aftermath of the election.

Only Russian "meddling" kept Hillary Clinton from being elected president.

CNN continues to perpetrate the myth with this story on the Mueller indictments.
If the allegations of the indictment prove true, it seems probable that the Russians were successful in their multimillion-dollar effort to influence the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Of course the answer to this complex question will never be definitively known. Polling cannot tell us whether voters might have chosen differently if the Russian influence operation hadn't happened.

What is known, however, is that the election was close and voter shifts in just a few significant states could have changed the Electoral College vote count in a presidential election in which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.
Spouting this myth makes a pundit seem wise and observant. It's actually a load of crap. The indictment of 13 Russian trolls and some oligarchs only proves Russia spent a lot of money trying to influence the election. But pundits who use the Russian meddling story to try and "prove" something about the election outcome are talking through their hats. Mueller proved Russian attempts to meddle in the election. He came nowhere near proving that it mattered.

Once more, and with feeling: Hillary Clinton lost because she was the absolute worst Democratic candidate in the history of that party. No one else in the 218 years of that party comes close. Not Jimmy Carter. Not Adlai Stevenson. Not Al Smith. Not any Democrat who ended up getting creamed on election day.

The biggest problem with the myth that Russian meddling cost Hillary the election is the sublime ignorance of those promulgating it about the American voter. Russia could have bought a billion dollars in ads and not changed any minds. How do we know? Hillary bought half a billion bucks in ads and lost.

The polls barely flickered between the end of the conventions and the election. Voters had made up their minds about both candidates far in advance and nothing would have moved the needle enough to give Clinton the presidency.

In some Democratic circles, it's considered a sexist sacrilege to blame Hillary for her own loss. Indeed, the second favorite reason she lost among Hillary partisans is that evil white men denied her the presidency because, sexism. That codswallop will persist on the left even after the first woman is elected.

She will probably be a Republican.
(Via: PJ Media)
Blog Author's Comments: Out of nearly 137 million votes cast in the 2016 election, not one person has come forward and stated that they were tricked into voting for the wrong person because of the Russians. Not one. The polls were correct: she was ahead, and she won the popular vote--just not in the places she needed to do so. But, who cares? So she got a huge amount of votes in major liberal, far-left states like California, New York, New Jersey. She is now a two time loser in 2008 and 2016.

The Clinton people/voters say the Electoral College removes the value of the individual vote. But, every individual vote counts in every single state. It’s a brilliant concept thought up by very astute people. The Russian goal to create discord, disruption and chaos was minimal - the Mainstream Media did a much better job at that and continues to do so. It must have been the Russians that called 20,000 people and told them to attend all of the Trump rallies.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rush Limbaugh: All Of This Spying On Trump Happened
With Obama's Knowledge And Probably Encourgement

EIB Network radio host and best-selling author Rush Limbaugh joined Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday.

Rush weighed in on the Mueller witch hunt today during his discussion with Chris Wallace.

Rush said the DOJ’s Special Counsel’s purpose is to destroy President Trump.

Rush Limbaugh also said Hillary was not charged with crimes because then they would have to indict Barack Obama who “probably” encouraged the spying on Donald Trump.

Rush Limbaugh: "It is about protecting Hillary AND Obama. Obama is the primary person being protected. Because all of this spying and all of this collusion to destroy Trump happened with his knowledge and probably encouragement. And the reason Hillary isn’t charged is because that would mean Obama would have to be exposed in participating in this scheme too."
(Via: Fox News Sunday)
Blog Author's Comments: A very large number of the many crooked roads lead back to Barack Obama and the Clinton crime syndicate. The unmasking requests by Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and others will lead to Obama. He is the only person who could plausibly launch and coordinate their efforts. For eight long years the un-American Obama did much of what he wanted -- to do harm to our country. Limbaugh is correct, the reason they will not go after Hillary is to protect Obama.

If Obama and Hillary Clinton walk away from all of this, we truly do live in a completely, politically unstable country. What I do disagree with Limbaugh on, is when Wallace wandered into the subject of immigration. I totally dissent with him concerning granting citizenship to the illegals. It cannot happen, not in 15 to 20 years, not ever. We have laws that everyone should follow to become a legal citizen and Trump and the GOP should not cave to the demands and wants of the Democrats. Also, if they will, allow the Supreme Court to hear and decide on DACA.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Announces
Robert Muellers's Russian Election Interference Indictments...

There is a particular transparency in timing as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announces indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘Russian Interference in U.S. Election‘ investigation on the same day as the FBI is forced to admit they made massive mistakes from reports against the Parkland Florida school shooter.

The thirteen indictments are based on very weak structure. Here’s the DOJ Announcement; and here is Rod Rosenstein’s press conference. Specific wording is used tactically to generate maximum value; however, when you peel back the onion skin and look at the actual indictment itself there’s not much ‘there’ there:

The indictment itself is full of fluff and clearly presents itself as political posturing. The Mueller investigation had to find something, anything; and what they came up with reflects how little substance exists. This is one of those examples where it pays to read the actual indictment; and contrast the facts laid out against the method of salesmanship and parseltongue. It is not a difficult read – even Boris and Natasha could do it.

Example: “unwitting Trump campaign official” is really – A single New York volunteer campaign worker agreed to give some signs to a pro-Trump rally. (Via: TLR)
Blog Author's Comments: I think the weasel Rosenstein would have benefitted more if he just said: ”We had to indict someone. We decided to indict 13 ham sandwiches that were all approved with a visa by John Kerry. Kerry liked ham sandwiches.” (Kerry did indeed approve visas for these 13 indicted individuals). If in fact what has been announced by Mueller and his people is true, they had no impact on the election results but apparently that wasn’t their goal. Their goal was to cause chaos in America and damage our Democracy.

They were successful with the Mainstream Media, Democrats, Hollywood and all Liberals played right into it. Their objective, that despite Trump being a Constitutionally elected President, the losers (all of those listed above) wanted to revisit and change how we elect Presidents to a popular vote, want to strip President Trump of his Constitutional Executive Powers, resist and try to impeach him for: firing Comey, having blond hair, being what they believe is over weight, believe he is insane, supporting General Flynn, etc. Despite the ruling, the brain dead left will continue in their quest to destroy the Trump Presidency and his family.

Finally, I do not believe that Russia had any impingement or effect on the 2016 presidential election, none! Mueller has to show something for the millions of taxpayer dollars he has collected and will continue to collect.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Blame Democrats: They Claim To Have A Magical
Solution To Prevent Mass Shootings - But Won't Share It

With the deadly school shooting in Florida, you are going to hear liberals talking about “sensible gun control,” “commonsense gun safety,” and “sensible commonsense gun control safety.” What are these things? Nobody knows, but liberals claim they will stop mass shootings. Since they have a magical solution, but won’t share it with the rest of us, I say it’s fair to blame them for every casualty in a mass shooting until they reveal this closely guarded secret.

19-year-old Nickolas Cruz opened fire at a Parkland, FL high school on Wednesday, killing at least 17 people and inuring another 14 or so. He reportedly used an AR-15 and by all accounts, nobody was particularly surprised he committed mass murder. He is apparently a deeply disturbed young man with a long history of discipline problems and someone who spoke openly about shooting up the school.

There is still much to learn about this shooting, but going by the available facts, one has to wonder what sort of laws the democrats could have passed that would have prevented this tragedy. Or what laws could they pass to stop future shootings similar to this.

Anti-Gun Democrat Senator Chris Murphy took to the Senate floor while the shooting was ongoing to scold Republicans for not doing something to prevent the shooting:

“Let me just note once again for my colleagues that this happens nowhere else other than the United States of America, this epidemic of mass slaughter, this scourge of school shooting after school shooting. It only happens here not because of coincidence, not because of bad luck, but as a consequence of our inaction. We are responsible for a level of mass atrocity that happens in this country with zero parallel anywhere else,” said Murphy.

OK, enlighten us, asshole. What law could Congress pass to stop mentally disturbed people from committing heinous acts of violence. What law could they pass to make criminals suddenly obey the law? Chris Murphy is saying these school shooting happens because Congress refuses to act, so why doesn’t he lay out what that action should be?

If this clown is going to claim that Congressional inaction is the only reason why maniacs go on killing sprees, he should have the decency to say what action will stop this. Murphy has authored or sponsored many failed pieces of anti-gun legislation including weapons bans, expanded background checks, and gun registries.

None of this stuff addresses the fact that most criminals obtain their weapons illegally because laws only work on those who abide by them. They also come with the caveat that they “won’t stop every shooting but if they save just one life they are worth it.”

But on Wednesday Murphy wasn’t pitching a specific do-nothing gun law, he was simply stating that action by Congress can stop all future school shootings without giving a hint as to what that action is. It makes him a real dick for keeping that secret to himself, doesn’t it?

Liberals up and down both coasts are blaming Republicans, the NRA, and the 2nd Amendment for the school shooting in Florida, but the blood is actually on their hands. They claim to have the solution to this problem but won’t share it with anyone else. It’s like they have a cure for cancer but are sitting on it so they can shame their political opponents.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic. Democrats don’t have a solution for anything, let alone mass shootings. I’m trying to point out how completely full of shit they are. If they say they have a commonsense fix, but can’t or won’t articulate what that is, they should be called out for that and blamed for every death they claim they can prevent.
(Via: Down Trend)
Blog Author's Comments: Laws don't stop criminals; they merely apply consequences to their actions. Democrats, your attempts at using these shootings by the evil and mentally disturbed to further your political agenda is not working. The leftists know, by assuming that making something illegal stops it from happening, has never helped solve problems, at least with those intent on killing as many people as they can. Yet they never let a mass shooting go to waste; they cannot wait to jump on a situation that they seem to think will help them and their party. Common sense and liberals do not compute. All we ever hear them say is disarm law abiding citizens. And how will that stop the criminals, they do not obey the laws.

The blame is always placed on the Republicans' the NRA and Second Amendment. Supposedly the shooter posted pro ISIS and Antifa comments and posted openly about shooting up a school. Maybe if Facebook wasn't so concerned about protecting Muslims they would have flagged this person and reported him, thus a very real potential that this could have been prevented. And this violence is not unique to the US. All over Europe, shootings, rapes and violent crime are skyrocketing, acid attacks and murders; this is glossed over and covered up because this rise is almost exclusively committed by Muslims.

Where are the mass shootings or any other shootings by the NRA? Where are all the republican committed murders happening? So it's the republicans fault for not infringing on the 2nd amendment, banning guns and disarming themselves to prevent the criminals and mentally deranged from obtaining guns and committing these horrific shootings?

FBI Admits It Didn't Investigate Tip On Alleged School Shooter Last Month

Deputies Called To Killers Home 39 Times Over Seven Years

Gunman Says 'Demon Voices' Told Him How To Pull Off School Shooting

Thursday, February 15, 2018

White House Says President Trump Will Not Sign Democrat And
RINO Amnesty Bill, Which Would Give Amnesty To 5-10 Million People

Democrats and RINOs are determined to pass a massive amnesty bill to change the course of the nation forever.

The Trump White House said Thursday the president will veto the bipartisan immigration bill by Senate Democrats and RINOs.

CNN Reported:
"The White House said Thursday President Donald Trump would veto a bipartisan Senate deal on immigration that would create a pathway to citizenship for nearly 2 million undocumented immigrants and allot $25 billion for border security.

“This amendment would drastically change our national immigration policy for the worse by weakening border security and undercutting existing immigration law,” the White House said in a statement.

“The administration is committed to finding a permanent, fair, and legal solution for DACA,” the White House said. “But this amendment would only compound the problem by encouraging millions of additional minors to be smuggled into the United States. We need to solve the problem, not perpetuate it indefinitely.”
Conservative Senator Tom Cotton called the Schumer plan a HUGE AMNESTY.
Senator Tom Cotton: Schumer bill is a disgrace. Huge amnesty of 5-10M people, including PARENTS of DACAns. Phantom border control. No chain or diversity reforms. Directs DHS to deprioritize enforcement for illegals NOT YET IN COUNTRY. Call your senator this morning & ask to vote no! 202-224-3121.
(Via: GP)
Blog Author's Comments:
Sessions Joins Battle To Stop 'Schumer-Rounds-Collins' Amnesty Bid

We have been there and done that with Senator Schumer and gang, many years ago, and during the rein of Barack Obama. That is one of the large reasons we now have the illegal alien mess we have today. The RINO's in Congress need to be removed and new people elected that actually care about Americans and this country. If you are not registered to vote in the primaries and in the mid-term elections, then get registered. The Democrats have picked off state-seats simply due to low Republican-American voter turn out.

It is not that difficult to see the game the Democrats and left leaning Republicans play. Did they really expect Trump to fall for what they proposed? The pro-amnesty people in Congress are trying to send something they can label as "bi-partisan" to Trump, knowing he will reject it, and then paint him as the reason that no DACA agreement could be made. This is the same sort of absurdity the Democrats pulled with their "FISA Memo". They will attempt to use these issues while campaigning for the elections in 2018.

Trump offered them 1.8 million DACA amnesties, which I thought was a huge mistake, but I was pleased they refused it. This shows the Democrats never wanted only the Dreamers. They want nothing short of all out amnesty and open borders. They want the steady stream of Democrat voters. They don't care about what is best for the country, or what is fair to the millions who have immigrated legally, or for that matter the Constitution or rule of law. Democrats need theatrics and identity politics or their party is doomed. When I follow what is happening with the Democrats, FBI, DOJ the special counsel Mueller, just to name a few. I always think and see what would be happening to our country now, if Hillary Clinton had been elected the president.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Inconvenient Truth About The Republican Party

Blog Author's Comments: So, why don't the Blacks learn from this? Easy answer, because so many don't want to hear the truth. An abounding number in this day and age, do not want to earn and make their own way in life, they are content to be dependent on the party that will give them the most 'stuff', which usually happens to be the Democrats. Too bad if that seems racist to many. For those that are aware and pay attention, it is simply accuracy and legitimacy.

The lady speaking in this video is Carol Miller Swain, a conservative television personality and former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University. Finally, a person of color is telling the unvarnished truth about the history of this nation. The lying liberal media is completely out of control, and countless people are easily and completely deceived. It really is too bad that they have no idea about any of this.

This is the Democratic Platform:

1. Create a problem (quietly) 2. Rally against that very problem (loudly) 3. Make the problem worse so you can rally even louder at the next election. The perfect example of this is racism. Racism has become progressively worse since Obama held office, not better. In fact, according to the Liberal Media, everything is racist.

Protecting our border is racist. Disagreeing with a black person is racist (unless that black person is a Republican -- then it is mandatory to verbally shred him or her and attempt to ruin their lives. The Liberals even think milk is racist. Without racism, the Democrats would receive far fewer votes. The democrats have a unique talent of being racist and sexist without appearing to be racist or sexist on the surface to many. If one can ignore truth and history, they have fallen perfectly to the Saul Alinsky mind trick which is to ignore all facts and what is before their very eyes.

And this:
President Clinton And Obama Ban Illegal Immigrants

Blog Author's Comments: When Obama and Clinton said it, the democrats totally agreed, did something change? It is amusing how the left reverses and modifies their tune to suit the Trump hate agenda. More proof that all they want now is to build their base with illegal immigrants, and who do you think the illegals will back, when and if they are able to cast a ballot?

The Democrats don't care about these people, all they want is their votes. They are totally hypocritical and should not be fooling anyone with what they say and do. We have strict immigration laws on the books, follow those laws and both parties will not have to pass anything new. In my opinion - case closed the battle is over.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Newt Gingrich: In Any Reasonable System Of
Law, Hillary Clinton Would Already Be In Jail

Newt Gingrich let the sparks fly during a recent appearance on FOX News. He was speaking about all of the things Hillary did which would have landed any normal person in jail. Just the missing emails are a crime.

Here’s a partial transcript via - Real Clear Politics:

“I mean, I think you probably have the president [Obama] involved. You have the Attorney General Loretta Lynch who you’ll remember met in secret with Bill Clinton the week they were interviewing Hillary,” Gingrich said. “You now have evidence that Comey, the director of the FBI at the time was writing the statement exonerating Hillary two months before the interview. I mean let’s go down this list and then on both the protect Hillary side and the get Trump side, it is the most extraordinary example of the deep state totally abusing the rule of law.”

“There are a lot of different players now engaged in this and they seem to be pretty consistently lining up, except of course for Adam Schiff and the Democrats who are in the see no evil, report no evil, just hide with evil for the weekend kind of group,” he added.

“Let me just point out. To show you how sick the elite media is, they report all that as though it’s something bad about Trump. In any reasonable system of law, Secretary Clinton would already be in jail. All of her senior aides would be in jail.”

(Via: Real Clear Politics)
Blog Author's Comments: As usual, in most cases Newt Gingrich is correct. But, so are many other clear thinking Americans when addressing what Hillary Clinton is obviously guilty of, but she will never face a true reckoning for her crimes. There is no rule of law in DC, the rule of law only applies to the little people.

The Comey Investigation of Clinton gave her every possible break the FBI could give. No Grand Jury. Hillary Clinton was not put under Oath while questioned. No recording devices while Hillary was questioned. Co-witnesses 'in the room' while she was questioned. Subpoenaed evidence destroyed by Team Hillary. Electronic devices destroyed by Team Hillary (before the FBI analyzed them). Immunity deals given to apparently everyone. Peter Strzok (a massive pro-Hillary and Anti-Trumper, FBI Counter Intelligence investigator) responsible for questioning Hillary. Comey drafts letter stating Hillary is innocent, months before they even question her. Comey letter is edited by Strzok, who removes "grossly negligent" - a crime, and replaces it with "extremely careless" not a crime. And her top aid Huma Abedin transfers thousands of State Department emails to Carlos Danger's laptop - yet she walks free and uncharged.

In any reasonable system of law, Hillary Clinton wouldn't be the only one to pay a penalty for her criminal behavior. But, at this point, if we had an Attorney General, the many government employees would be lawyering up for their time in the court system. Why the President continues to hang on to this incompetent AG Jeff Sessions is a mystery. These criminals are apparently conducting business as usual.

Hillary Clinton Unquestionably, Should Look As If She Is Happy.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Recent Political Videos And Links To Political News...

Rep. Adam Schiff Says The FBI Followed The
Correct Procedures For Contested FISA Warrant

Devin Nunes Wants 'Ridiculous' Democratic Memo Released

Coming Senate Shenanigans On DACA

White House Quietly Working On Immigration Compromise

Maria Bartiromo Interviews
House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes

Trump Set To Peel Off The Leeches With Updated Civil Service Rules

Obama And His Insufferable Fans

Lawsuit Says Trump's Wall Threatens Endangered Butterfly And Other Species

Chris Stewart Full One-On-One
Interview With Judge Jeanine

Sunday, February 11, 2018

GOP Members Discuss The FISA Memo...

GOP Membership have put together this video to highlight the key points surrounding how the DOJ and FBI put together a FISA Court application to conduct surveillance on political opposition:

Additionally, constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz discusses the ongoing issues:

(Via: TLR)
Blog Author's Comments: I generally agree with professor Dershowitz, but he is 100% wrong on criminality. He is letting his friendship with the Clintons and being a Democrat taint his objectivity. The bleach bit and hammering of devices alone is clear cut obstruction of justice. There is clear cut perjury, pay-to-play, leaking that is a felony. There is clear cut illegal surveillance. Dershowitz wants to whitewash culpability for the Democrats by trying to lump Republicans into the Democrats wrongdoing. Sorry, Professor, I believe you are mistaken and inaccurate here.

I wonder if the professor can cite for us the statutes that President Trump violated. Especially, I would like to hear those violations that justify the appointment of a special counsel. All the more reason for Obama to be looking over his shoulder. He must know that the Trump people are aware of so many of his misdeeds and criminal activity. The president who built nothing, and oversaw losses within the Democratic Party of historic proportions, will hopefully now be the one who literally killed the Democratic Party. Those on the dark side are full of hate and spite and will never go quietly. And it is doubtful that anything ever happens to Obama or Clinton. It appears that much of our FBI and CIA, have been infiltrated by Marxists.

Not so coincidentally John Brennan the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, from what I have heard, has been hired to be a paid contributor for NBC and MSNBC. They’ve hired a CIA operative trained in counterintelligence who is a known puppet for the Democrats, to become their analyst, no doubt preparing ahead for the spin zone. It was surprised to hear Dershowitz say that none of this was criminal. We have watched so much criminal activity for so many years and there are never any consequences. Most of us would be in jail.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Trump Tells Adam Schiff, Redo Your Crap
Response Memo And "Send Back In Proper Form"

On Friday the Trump White House announced they will not approve the release of Democrat Adam Schiff’s House spin memo.

The president told Congress they need to make changes before it is released.

On Saturday President Trump slammed liberal hack Adam Schiff over his political stunt.

President Trump: The Democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the White House for lack of transparency. Told them to re-do and send back in proper form!
(Via: GP)
Blog Author's Comments: The Democrats and Adam Schiff's FISA Memo was rejected Friday night via advice from the FBI. Democrats playing politics.

The White House's rejection Friday night, which came in the form of a statement from White House counsel Don McGahn, included a letter from FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that identifies “information for which national security or law enforcement concerns are especially significant."

President Trump on Saturday calls Democratic memo 'very political and long'

All the Democrats have is their constant attempt to find fault with the president and their endeavor to make him look unacceptable. Actually, Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and others are doing a great job of destroying themselves and the Democratic Party. I do hope they are able to - see what they have done, with the help of their media friends - after the mid-term elections.

President Trump is not fooled and tripped up by the democrats tricks and tactics. But, anyone who pays attention to what is happening politically, had to know that Schiff and the democrats would do exactly what they did. And so did the leftist media. But, they will still run with their story that President Trump does not want the real truth to come out. They had to do something after Devin Nunes published his FISA Memo.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Democrats Fail In Bid To Engineer Government Shutdown Over DACA...

There will be no repeat of the #SchumerShutdown. Early Friday morning, the House passed a bill to keep the government open despite intense resistance by Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi to refuse a deal unless there were steps to provide amnesty to millions of illegals.

Pelosi took to the floor on Wednesday to speak for eight straight hours during which she put at least one representative to sleep with her nails on a chalkboard voice droning on. The grandstanding Dem leader rattled off stories of the so-called Dreamers and at one point, even said that her own grandson wished that he had brown skin like an illegal.

Even as some Democrats are beginning to question the wisdom of their party putting the interests of illegal aliens over those of Americans, Pelosi is calling the shots and this is their strategy now that all else has blown up in their faces like one of Slick Willie’s very special exploding cigars.

Via. the Hill: "House Passes Deal To End Shutdown"

Pelosi is badly miscalculating the support that the majority of Americans have for a few million illegals, a handful of which the Democrats keep dragging out as props to make their point. By betting that this is the moral issue of our times is taking a huge risk and it could badly burn the Dems just like so much else has under the “leadership” of the weasel queen from sodomite city.

There was a brief shutdown as Senator Rand Paul took to the Senate floor to make his point about spending increases but other than keeping his colleagues up and working late it was for naught.

Minus the DACA provisions that Pelosi and other radical progs wanted, the bill will now head to President Trump while the Dreamers face an uncertain future over the Dems stubborn refusal to budge over concessions on stricter immigration requirements and a border wall.
(Via: DT)
Blog Author's Comments: I do agree with Senator Rand Paul that we keep driving ourselves deeper in debt. Perhaps after border security is given precedence, Trump will turn his focus on welfare reform, eliminating fraud and reducing the national debt. I believe that DACA expires on March 5th. If serious negotiations do not begin on the Wall and overall border security the deportations should start in earnest. The Republicans have to receive full funding for border security. I would not even think about naturalization for those now enrolled in the DACA program, and do not allow anymore in it.

Also end Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery. The Democrats will fight on everything, but if the huge immigration problem is not cleaned up while Trump is the President, it never will be. I also think that the solution is to "demagnetize" our country. Stop all services to all illegals. If there are no benefits here, they'll stop coming. We should also punish anyone who hires illegals. What I really believe is we should follow the laws already on the books. No more DACA, do not give the illegals or the Democrats anything, and continue to deport anyone that is in the country illegally.

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Rep. Nunes Seeks To Discuss Obama-Era FBI Abuses With CJ Roberts

Mark Levin: Democrats And Media Protecting Obama On FISA Memo

Hillary's Uranium One Reaching Critical Mass

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nancy Pelosi: My Grandson's 'Beautiful'
Birthday Wish Was To Have Brown Skin

During a record-setting marathon of a speech on the House floor Wednesday morning, in which she stood for over eight hours to defend DACA recipients after refusing to stand for practically any of President Trump's State of the Union address, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put forth an embarrassing and frankly racist anecdote involving her grandson.

Real Clear Politics reports that Pelosi, who is of Italian descent, noted that her grandson is a mix of Irish, English, and "whatever, whatever" heritage. In an apparent attempt to make a poignant point about the racial mix of America's future, she related a story about his sixth birthday party. She claims that after blowing out the candles on his cake, her grandson revealed that his wish was that he would have "brown skin and brown eyes" like his Hispanic friend:
"I'm reminded of my own grandson. He is Irish, English, whatever, whatever, and Italian-American, he is a mix. But he looks more the other [Italian] side of the family, shall we say. And when he had his sixth birthday... he had a very close friend whose name is Antonio, he's from Guatemala. And he has beautiful tan skin, beautiful brown eyes, and this was a proud day for me, because when my grandson blew out the candles on his cake, they said did you make a wish?

He said yes, he made a wish. What is your wish? I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio.

So beautiful. So beautiful. The beauty is in the mix. The face of the future for our country is all-American. And that has many versions."
Leave it to a Democrat to swell with pride over a white child wanting to erase his skin color (assuming the story is even true). For Pelosi and her party, "the beauty in the mix" and "the face of the future for our country" is her grandson's Hispanic friend.

The beauty in the American mix lies not in skin color but in the values and freedoms that Americans of all colors share -- or used to share before the country became irrevocably split by the radical left's obsession with identity politics. The Democrats don't care about those values, only about the beautiful illegal aliens who will change the future of our country and give the open-borders party the permanent power it craves.
(Via: TR)
Blog Author's Comments: For the grandson to have Pelosi as his grandmother - that is child abuse. Oh yes, I am sure a 6 year old thought of that himself. If the kid's wish came true, as he grew older, he would fit right in at the Pelosi Vineyards, with all the other Illegal Aliens working in that Utopian Sanctuary of Delight. And she doesn't have to pay minimum wage as set by laws she watches over in Congress. There is no way that the story Pelosi told is true, it did not happen. She will do and say anything for a few democrat voters. This is an accomplishment only a progressive, leftist would feel proud about, making your own grandson hate his skin color.

Politicizing children is an evil of far-left liberalism. So what you are really saying Pelosi, if the story was true, is that you are such an evil old politician, that you actually made your own grandson hate himself. The Democrats honestly do not care about the illegals and DACA. All they are thinking about and seeing is a way to strengthen their voter base via illegal immigration. If a few million new Democrat voters are added with amnesty, their party could control the House, the Senate and change the landscape of the entire country. It is the sole reason they support DACA and illegal immigration.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Germany Sees Record Rise In Weapons Permit Holders...

More and more German citizens are choosing to arm themselves as the number of weapons permits for firearms saw a record increase in 2017 going up nationwide by 85 per cent. In January 2016, Germany had around 300,000 holders of “small weapons” permits that allow citizens to own various kinds of weapons such as pepper spray and pistols that fire gas pellets. By the end of 2017, that number almost doubled to 557,000, Deutsche Welle reports.

Self-defense courses are also on the rise as many martial arts gyms and others have claimed that they have seen a surge in new members in recent years.

One of the major factors for the increase in small weapons permit requests was, according to some experts, the massive wave of sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016.
Arnold Plickert, National Chairman of the Union of Police (GdP) in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, said that while the “hype” of the Cologne attacks has died down, the number of people seeking permits continues to grow.

Plickert said that the police see the public carrying weapons unfavorably and that many would be better to sound an alarm or ask someone else for help, instead claiming that weapons can make a situation more dangerous.

While the permits only allow the public carry of non-lethal weapons, police have raised an alarm over groups like the far-right “Reich Citizens” who have previously been found with caches of pistols and rifles.

In neighboring France, the demand for firearms has also increased although the ability to legally obtain weapons is difficult. Despite the legal difficulty of getting a firearm, police have found often military grade firearms more and more during raids on drug traffickers.

Last year, police in Eure-et-Loir, Eure, and Yvelines found a massive cache of weapons which included two loaded and ready-to-run anti-tank M80 rocket launchers, several automatic rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.
(Via: Breitbart)
Blog Author's Comments: Refugees welcome? I don't think so, and they can thank their Chancellor, Angela Merkel and the people that voted for her, for the damage that was done and will never be repaired. A civilized, unarmed society is only possible when you have a civilized stock. When you live alongside imported violent predators, self-defense becomes an absolute necessity. America has been dealing with third worlders for much longer. Now the rest of the world is catching up and perhaps beginning to understand.

A few smart Germans getting ready for multiculturalism. Can you blame them for protecting their families and property from the terrorists? What a surprise, crime goes up, people wanting to protect themselves goes up. Self defense is the only defense we really have and the left has tried to take that away little by little. So they can force feed their ideology to the rest of the deplorables.

With President Trump now at the helm, some of the pressure is off as far as gun ownership and concealed carry laws. But, the Democrats will continue to chip away at our 2nd Amendment rights, this will never stop. I have always known the Democratic Party will do whatever is required to take back, what they believe is their right to power of the government and power over the people.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Does Hours Long Filibuster For DACA. She Cares More About The Illegals Than She Does For Our Citizens.

If You Can Deal With Her HERE Listen To Part Of The Filibuster

This is what makes the mid-term elections so important. The Republican Party must maintain control of the House. If not, the president will never be able to accomplish more of what he wants for his voters. So, if there is ever an election cycle that is important, it is definitely the mid-terms. Trump has had to do the best he could with everyone on the left and a few of his own party trying to stop anything he wants. I would like to think that Mueller will soon put a stop to his 'witch hunt' and that could calm the mainstream media and Democrats down, but I know that this is only wishful thinking. The only thing that now counts is at the ballot box in 2018.

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Schiff Trap? Source Says FISA Rebuttal Memo Loaded With Sensitive Details

Gowdy vs. Schiff On The Memo. Here's Who Was Right And Why It Matters

Carter Page: The Dodgy Dossier Was A Political Stunt And False

Former FBI Agent Points To Jim Comey As Setting Up Corrupt Environment

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jim Jordan Reveals Key Figure Involved
In Benghazi, Involved In Steele Dossier

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan accused key Clinton allies of helping craft a second anti-Trump dossier and accused them of “rigging the game,” Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

Jordan was asked about a possible second dossier and said Clinton operatives Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer had paid Christopher Steele to do opposition research, but then told Steele which specific details to include.

“The names we keep hearing are Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer — people who have been around the Clintons as being a part of this. But I also think it’s kind of interesting because what it looks like is, they paid Steele to put together the dossier and told him what to put in,” Jordan said. “Talk about rigging the game and putting together a document that will serve your purposes as an opposition research document.”

“That is what the Clinton team did and then when you see names like Sidney Blumenthal coming up. We deposed this guy during the Benghazi hearings,” Jordan continued. “He has been with the Clintons forever. He was knee deep in the whole Libya, Benghazi story, particularly the story where they weren’t square with the American people about what was the actual catalyst of the attack, and they tried to blame it on video.”

Jordan expressed outrage at how the government omitted information about the dossier while seeking a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant and said it was vital for the American public to have seen the GOP’s recently released FISA memo.

“That dossier was taken to a secret court to get a secret warrant to spy on fellow citizen and they weren’t clear with the court who paid for it, who was involved with, and the fact that they had already fired Chris Steele from any type of relationship with the FBI because he broke a fundamental trust. He went to the press and told them he was working with the FBI. And yet they still used this work product, this dossier,” Jordan concluded. “That’s what’s so ridiculous about how they handled this, and why that memo last week from the Republicans was so important that the American people see.”
(Via: Daily Caller)
Blog Author's Comments: Concerning the FISA Memo revelations, Hillary Clinton paid for a warrant. That is the easiest way to put it. I also agree with Mark Levin who said: "Barack Obama had to know, at least generally, what was taking place for multiple reasons. And he's the one the Democrats are protecting the most. He's the one the media are protecting the most." "So Lynch, Yates, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page -- they all knew about the FISA application. Would they have kept it a secret from the president of the United States? Moreover, if I found pieces of this in the media, you have to assume the president's press team found pieces of this in the media." "There's no way Obama didn't know about the applications and the actual securing of the warrant, and yet he's never asked about it."

The democrats know that the mainstream media won't go after them. If they had a video of them committing a crime, it would be edited out. They have turned a blind eye to everything the democrats do because they are of the same mindset. And Democrat Adam Schiff is desperately trying to cover up an indefensible situation. Sidney Blumenthal has had his hands around everything 'Clinton' for years. One has to know that Blumenthal is a lowlife, when Obama refused to let Hillary give him any type of job on her Secretary of State staff. But she hired him anyway by putting him on the Clinton Foundation payroll and he was neck deep in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton along with the family scam the 'Clinton Foundation' needed all that money to cheat almost every way they could and still lost.

Clinton, the Democratic Party, FBI, DOJ, Comey, Mueller etc. and their cast of people, would have gone on with 'business as usual' if not for Donald Trump. The voters were tired of voting for liars, cheats and losers, they also wanted someone who thought much the same way they did. That is why President Donald J. Trump was elected. And now we see that after a year in office, all of the leftists and some in the GOP, are throwing up road blocks to stop him from dealing with the issues he campaigned on, and that most of the thinking voters want. I don't believe he has lost any of his base. They know what the Democrats and MSM are doing and all of this may well come back on the Democrats in 2018. Also, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, is a fighter and truth seeker, Congress needs more people like him.

Monday, February 5, 2018

President Trump Blasts 'Little' Adam Schiff
For 'Illegally Leaking Confidential Information

President Trump blasted “little” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) Monday morning, branding the House Intelligence Committee member one of Washington’s “biggest liars.” The President also called out Schiff for illegally leaking confidential information.

"Little Adam Schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office, is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper! Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped!"
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 5, 2018

Schiff has long been suspected of leaking key details of Donald Trump Jr.’s hearing before congressional investigators last year.

Trump Jr.’s attorney, Alan S. Futerfas, has called on Congress to crack down on suspected leakers. In a letter sent to Congressman Michael Conaway (R-TX), Futerfas, called for an investigation into leaks from the House Intelligence Committee, suggesting the individual who leaked the false WikiLeaks story did so knowingly.

“Republicans suspect that the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat, leaked the erroneous “scoop” to CNN. They say his staff regularly leaks, with CNN being a favorite, with a spin that is not accurate,” wrote Rowan Scarborough of The Washington Times.

Not only is Schiff accused of leaking confidential information to the media, but legal experts believe he may have recently published classified intelligence about the FISA memo last week.

The Washington Examiner's Steven Nelson noted, the California Democrat "cited two specific examples of alleged inaccuracies," in the memo.

“The Majority suggests that the FBI failed to alert the court as to Mr. Steele’s potential political motivations or the political motivations of those who hired him, but this is not accurate,” Schiff said in a statement.

“The GOP memo also claims that a Yahoo News article was used to corroborate Steele, but this is not at all why the article was referenced,” added the California Democrat.

Democrats have fought hard to paint the memo as a hyper-partisan piece of propaganda aimed at discrediting the ‘Trump-Russia’ collusion investigation. Nobody worked harder to keep the memo classified than Schiff.
(Via: GP)
Blog Author's Comments: Intel Committee member, Democrat Adam Schiff, has had an obsession with President Trump and Russia Collusion since that spin was pushed by the mainstream media, after their and his candidate Hillary Clinton was defeated. He spends most of his time attempting to convince everyone, that Donald Trump with help from Russia stole the election, and no one will ever change his mind. If the special counsel Mueller and his group told Schiff that they found no collusion between Russia and Trump, he would not believe Mueller.

It's about time someone called him on his leaking. Adam Schiff is one of the major conspirators in the coup against President Trump. The leaks are considered to be small crimes, but not all of the leaks have dealt with non-classified information. He should also be investigated for anything nefarious he has done to take down the president. Schiff and his comrades will continue to be outlaws, as long as there are no consequences. At the moment, they are laughing at our criminal justice system.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pelosi: What Do The Russians Have On Trump?

The climax of a truly terrible week for Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was when the House Intel memo detailing that the entire plot to take down President Trump over mythical Russian collusion is a con job.

The 77-year-old Pelosi is off to a really bad start this year and didn’t do herself any favors by sucking on her dentures during Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

The video of this dementia-addled political ghoul went viral, only adding to the mockery showered on her over her continuing gaffes that George W. Bush is still president.

Pelosi is in big trouble with the memo because one of her responsibilities is to exercise oversight over an Intelligence Community that has gone totally rogue since Barack Obama built upon the foundations laid by Mr. Bush. Pelosi’s negligence is willful and potentially criminal as her desperate attempts to get Rep. “Dennis” Nunes kicked off of the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday showed.

The weasel queen tripled-down on the Trump-Russia hoax that is now taking on water and sinking faster than the Titanic.

In a statement, Pelosi once again insinuated that Putin has blackmail material on Trump – perhaps from another phony dossier produced by a Clinton crime family scum-sucker that is out there.

Pelosi Statement on President Trump's Decision to Release Nunes Memo

Nutty Nancy also warned of a “constitutional crisis” as if using false information to obtain FISA authorization to conduct surveillance on the legitimately elected POTUS and then appoint a dirty former FBI director in “Bob” Mueller to produce “evidence” to remove him from office isn’t one.

Pelosi needs to spend the rest of her years wearing an orange suit and crammed into a 4 x 6 cage at Gitmo along with the rest of the traitors behind this blatant effort to mount a coup d’etat to overthrow the government.
(Via: Down Trend)
Blog Author's Comments: She is 77 and continues to lie and does not even do that well, after all they years she has practiced. She is also never called out for it by the mainstream media with her deceit and inaccuracy. The best we could hope for with Pelosi is that she will be forced into retirement by her party and we don't hear about her anymore. Her brain is already befuddled and bewildered but, she cannot keep from flapping her jaws with more nonsense. I read the memo, I don't know how many of you did, and it was telling and probably shocking to many, that the FBI/DOJ would use, not only underhanded, but actual criminal conspiracy as they did, in an attempt to gain an advantage for one political candidate over the other in a political campaign and presidential election.

Our once revered FBI has been politicized at the top. What I find most odd is that the memo was classified in the first place. It contained no details on how or why surveillance was needed or conducted. Notice that Pelosi is not disputing any of the factual information in the memo, only that the voting public was able to see it. Neither are any of the other democrats. I say let her keep talking at every opportunity, and destroying her own party with insane statements as the one above. She is both difficult, but also amusing to watch.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Second Source Comes Forward - Claims Rosenstein Threatened
Devin Nunes And House Intel If They Didn't Stop The Investigation!

FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett went on with Sean Hannity on Friday night after the release of the House Intelligence FISA memo.

Jarrett said his sources told him Rod Rosenstein threatened the House Intelligence Committee members three weeks ago.

The House Intelligence Committee released their classified FISA memo on Friday morning.

The House voted on Monday along party lines to share the explosive memo with the American public.

This comes after the approval of President Donald Trump.

Gregg Jarrett: "I can tell you a congressional source tells me that Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks ago threatened Chairman Nunes and members of Congress he was going to subpoena their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the intel committee. That’s threats and intimidation."

Now this…

On Saturday morning Gregg Jarrett tweeted out that a second source now says Rod Rosenstein threatened Chairman Nunes and House Intelligence members if they did not stop their investigation.

Gregg Jarrett@GreggJarret A 2nd source has now confirmed to me that, in a meeting on January 10, Deputy A-G Rosenstein used the power of his office to threaten to subpoena the calls & texts of the Intel Committee to get it to stop it’s investigation of DOJ and FBI. Likely an Abuse of Power & Obstruction.

11:21 AM - Feb 3, 2018

Jarrett also named the crime Rosenstein may have committed.

“It is a crime for a government official to use his office to threaten anyone, including a member of Congress, for exercising a constitutionally protected right. See 18 USC 242 and other similar abuse of power statutes.”

Jarrett also said, “Again, if true, Rosenstein’s action was an illegal abuse of power and he should no longer serve as Deputy Attorney General. He allegedly used threats to try to stop the Intelligence Committee from exposing wrongful behavior in an attempt to cover it up.
(Via: GP)
Blog Author's Comments: For those who do not know, Rod Jay Rosenstein is the Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice.

Every single conservative and anyone who cares about their freedom needs to do what they are enabled to do and stop the Democratic Party from gaining any power in the coming elections. If they regain power, this and much more can happen to any of us. Rosenstein is supposed to be a Republican, but apparently a never-Trumper. These people violated the basic right of every American. Rosenstein is just the latest iteration of a corrupt organization. Comey, McCabe, Yates, and now Rosenstein are all complicit in a coup on an elected President of the United States.

The top level of the FBI and DOJ used a dossier from the DNC and the Crooked Hillary campaign in a FISA application to spy on the Trump campaign. Now we learn that Rod Rosenstein even threatened Congress. Make no mistake about it, Rosenstein is an enemy of the people. Devin Nunes has certainly distinguished himself and deserves all of the credit due him. The ferocity of the attacks against him shows us that he is a patriot who is willing to act. Nunes has obviously hit the target. The corrupt people in the intelligence community, our government and elected lawmakers are showing who they are and who cannot be trusted.

Rosenstein should be totally marginalized, if he cannot be fired because of the political implications. Obstruction of justice is written all over this issue. Everything Trump has been accused of doing is true of his enemies. There must be a way to be rid of Rosenstein. And President Trump, I believe, could remove him from his job. He should not be allowed to hold any power over another human being for the rest of his life. He is not worthy of any job in government.

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Nunes: More Memos Are Coming

The Memo Reveals The Coup Against America

Get All The Facts Out On The FBI And Justice Department

Friday, February 2, 2018

The "Tip Of The Iceberg" - The Intelligence
Memo Is Just The Beginning, Not The End...

There continue to be questions about the substance behind the pending release of the House Intelligence Committee memo. With that release in mind, today it is worthwhile remembering this is the beginning of exposing the corruption within the DOJ not the end.

For several years the U.S. justice department has maintained an attitude of non-accountability within its ranks. The Obama years elevated that attitude and provided multiple examples of a DOJ gone rogue.

A complicit media enables that attitude by engineering a false narrative the U.S. Justice Department was/is an independent fourth branch of government; unaccountable to congress and entirely separate from the executive branch.

The House Intelligence Memo is simply using the example of currently known FISA abuse to open the door and show the U.S. electorate how corrupt this unaccountable institution has become. Behind that door are very uncomfortable realities for all of those who constructed the weaponized agency; and also those who have benefited from it.

Unfortunately the corruption appears systemic within the entire justice system. This is the problem currently being confronted. This is also a system being defended by a political media apparatus who have benefited from seeing their opposition targeted. The American people became the threat to their system. The American people became their enemy. This outlook sounds stark, but this is exactly the way the DOJ has behaved.

We The People are in an abusive relationship with the Department of Justice.

Republican Representative Mark Meadows puts it thusly:

Because through all the “memo” news and headlines, it’s critical to remember why this issue is important and why it should matter to everyday Americans.

What this issue is all about: whether the Department of Justice and FBI, under President Obama, abused their surveillance authority against American citizens and political opponents. Put another way: was the Obama DOJ weaponized to spy on the Trump campaign?

Remember, in general, the DOJ and FBI spying on American citizens should automatically be met with MAJOR skepticism. That’s what the Fourth Amendment is designed to protect against. When those American citizens are ALSO political opponents? It should raise even more red flags.

So, take that principle, and look at what happened in this case. The DOJ spied on Carter Page, an American citizen. Red flag. Carter Page was also part of the Trump campaign. Double red flag. It should automatically raise questions.

Now, pause: we know about the Peter Strzok/Lisa Page texts, the “missing” texts, the McCabe concerns, etc. But this is about more. Focus on the dossier here–the political opposition research project put together by Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, and the DNC by extension.

Quite simply: This infamous “Russian Dossier” was unverified political opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. If the Department of Justice used information like that as a key part of getting a surveillance warrant, it would be a HUGE problem.

Now, from what we’ve already known for months, it sure looks like that’s exactly what happened: that the FBI used that very dossier to get a warrant. @Jim Jordan asked the FBI about it 2 months ago. I asked too. We asked for the FISA application, and the FBI wouldn’t show us.


We’ve asked repeatedly for information from the FBI, both privately and publicly. We’ve openly told FBI and DOJ officials–if we’re wrong, tell us! Tell us what was in the FISA application. Let us see the document. But we’ve been stonewalled for almost a year.

So the bottom line is this: if, in 2016, the DOJ and FBI used an unverified, Clinton/DNC paid-for dossier to spy on American citizens (and political opponents) in the Trump campaign, that is as wrong as it gets. If that happened, Americans deserve to know about it. Period.

Last point: If you remember anything from this news cycle, remember: your right as an American to privacy from your government spying on you is critical. It is foundational to who we are as a Republic. Never take that right for granted, no matter the political party you belong to.

The release of the House Intelligence Memo is only the tip of the iceberg; the crack in the door to see just how corrupt the unaccountable Justice System became.

(Via: TLR)
You Can Read The Full Text Of The Nunes Memo Here

Blog Author's Comments: From what I have seen for the past few months, I already knew or assumed almost everything that I saw contained within the four page memo. Anyone not paying attention will continue sticking their heads in the sand, and it is highly debatable whether the mainstream media will even mention any of the truth within the release of this document of long known facts regarding the corruption in Obama's regime.

The bizarre reaction by the Democrats to the memo is revealing. They are dirty and tone deaf. The FISA applications were based on the dossier. We knew that. What we didn’t know was that the DOJ/FBI used the media as a source to render credibility to the dossier in the FISA applications. And the DOJ/FBI didn’t bother to notice or report that the same guy that wrote the dossier was the source for the media article they used to assign the credibility. Who is in charge of the FISA judges? Will Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts do anything with this knowledge? The DOJ/FBI has made the FISA judges look like easily duped fools.

The Devin Nunes memo offered more information to many and was even worse than they thought. The FBI knew that Democrats and Hillary Clinton were behind the Dossier, the FBI did not tell the court in getting the warrants. Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Yates, Boente all implicated. And this is why they didn’t want anyone to see it. They should all go to jail, especially Comey. And Democrats can’t argue any of this away. This is why Andrew McCabe was removed.

The bias and spin that the Democrats and their counterparts within the mainstream media will put on this information will make all of this more intertwined and difficult for those who are not that interested, to understand the full extent of what has happened, to the DOJ and FBI. Two organizations that most of the people thought they could trust. Perhaps this memo will make Special Counsel Robert Mueller stop and take notice with what he is and has currently been doing. I have known and now many others know, that Mueller is targeting the wrong person. The special counsel needs to be focused on the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Trump campaign. All in all, we have the biggest abuse of power and corruption to influence a presidential election in the history of our country.