Monday, October 3, 2016

Trey Gowdy "There's One Last Way To
Punish Hillary Clinton For Email Server"

Donald Trump needs to drive home Trey Gowdy's talking points and many more, during the next two debates when he has the attention of the American people who are most likely to vote. The fact that this is still an issue and had not been dealt with a long time ago, tells me and many others who have been paying attention, that the justice system and current Justice Department, as it is now run by the Democrats, is an absolute farce.

Blog Author's Comments -- Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) would probably be my choice for Attorney General if Donald J. Trump should win the presidency. He is a very bright no nonsense to the point person, who would prosecute and bring cases to court that deserve to be heard. I don't believe he could ever stoop as low as the current administration, as they are allowing Clinton to escape prosecution for her obvious crimes. What we have now is Obama's puppet Attorney General, Loretta Lynch who does exactly what he tells her to do. Hillary Clinton has already said if she is elected, Lynch will remain in her current position as AG.

The FBI Director James Comey has lost any credibility that he once had, because of all the evidence that was presented he did not recommend prosecution of Clinton. This is why November 8th is so important. The next president can replace many people or allow them to stay, depending on who is elected. They will add at least one judge to the Supreme Court and probably three. And if Hillary wins all of this will go away and she can do whatever she wants. She will allow many more illegals into our country and eventually give them citizenship so the can vote for the Democrats.

If this happens the Republican Party will never again elect another president to office. I would think that those who read this realize just how important it is to vote for Donald Trump if we want to retain the rights we currently have. Trump has to stick to the issues, ignore the lawless media and get his message out as he did when he was campaigning for the nomination. There is only a short time before the most important election our country has ever had. We cannot botch it, we have to achieve what the country desperately needs.

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