Monday, July 24, 2017

Unbalanced Democrat Senator: Trump's Vote
Fraud Commission Is 'What Vladimir Putin Wants'

GP -- Senator Dick Durbin (D-Il) attacked President Trump’s vote fraud commission on Sunday claiming that asking voters for valid I.D. discredits our Democratic process which is exactly what Vladimir Putin wants…in case you were on the fence of whether liberalism is a mental disorder or not, this should convince you.

No, Dick Durbin, it’s the Democrats who discredit our Democratic process by fighting the peaceful transfer of power to the Trump administration citing bogus Russian conspiracy theories.

Dick Durbin sent out a tweet Sunday saying, ".@POTUS‘s voter fraud commission wants to suppress the right to vote and discredit our Democratic process. Exactly what Vladimir Putin wants"

— Senator Dick Durbin (@SenatorDurbin) July 23, 2017

I mean why not bring up Russia? It’s the Democrats version of ‘just add water’. ‘Just add Russia’ to every argument and it magically becomes a valid point.

According the mentally ill left, having voters prove who they are with photo I.D. and prove that they are American citizens discredits our Democratic process. The Democrats are the ones who discredit our Democratic process by continually allowing people to vote without proper I.D. The truth is, Democrats can’t win elections without dead people and illegal aliens voting, or other methods of voter fraud which is why they are terrified of Trump’s executive order.

Trump created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity through an executive order in May, Fox News reported.

Several secretaries of state, Republican and Democrat, bucked the request or said they would only provide limited data.

Trump responded to the push back by saying, “One has to wonder what they’re worried about. There’s something, there always is.”
Blog Author's Comments: The Democrats continue to dig themselves a deeper pit, from which they may not be able to extract themselves. Yet wonder why they lose elections. They all have Russia on the brain because they believe this is a winning argument for them and also, this is all they have. I say let them continue with this and the same can be said for the huge arm of their party, the ‘fake news’ mainstream media. The Democrats lost the election of 2016 period. Little Dick Durban and his fellow mental midgets in their party know that if voter ID laws are enforced and followed, his party will probably be irrelevant. Democrats rely upon voter fraud to win many elections. The voter fraud commission sure scares the Democrats; I wonder why this bothers them so much?

The election fraud commission is the worst nightmare the democrats could have before the midterm elections. You need an ID to get welfare, any assistance anywhere in the government, but its okay to vote without it? Democrats, you are backing the wrong horse on this one. Your reign of terror is over for a couple of cycles. Let’s hope that more of the voters who were asleep at the wheel in 2016 will wake up and see just who the Democrats are and help us continue to take more of and keep this country for many years. Because the Democrats have no leaders, no plans and no arguments, they are reduced to making ignorant, childish remarks like Durbin’s. The democrats cannot open their mouths without bringing Russia into the conversation.

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