Sunday, July 23, 2017

Andrea Mitchell Can't Recall A Single
Moment She's Shown Bias In Reporting

Truth Revolt -- It seems as though Andrea Mitchell has no memory of ever showing her bias while reporting. Let’s help her count the ways, shall we?

The MSNBC anchor was interviewed this week by fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily and they asked her, “Do you feel that you’ve ever gone too far where you’ve shown bias in your reporting?”

Mitchell struggled to recall a single moment:
“Everything is subjective to a certain extent. Let me think about that. I’m sure there have been times where I have – either through not enough reporting or through some sort of incipient opinion – let something creep in. I can’t think of it.”
She did, however, manage to come up with one teeny-tiny thing, but you’d think it was a punch line of a joke. Mitchell actually said she was probably a little “too aggressive” with Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

*Cue laugh track*

Wait a second... Was Mitchell being “too aggressive” with Clinton when she defended her e-mail scandal?

What about the times Mitchell was critical of Israel? She drooled all over John Kerry, praising him for his work on a two-state solution while decrying Trump whom she feared might undo it all? Or the time she rolled her eyes while speaking about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Iran’s foreign minister? Or when she affirmed President Obama’s slap at the Israeli prime minister when she said, “Take that, Bibi.” Was that one of those moments something just “crept in?”

On air, Mitchell has expressed her dislike of the vetting process for refugees, slandered the entire South as racist after the Charleston church massacre, and even strangely questioned Texas Gov. Greg Abbot’s “supposed disability.”

You're welcome, Andrea, glad to help out.
Blog Author's Comments: Andrea Mitchell - that's not true, that's impossible. You have always been a far left talking head, with no talent aside from being able to read a teleprompter, and one who has not aged well. When you are a "useful idiot" or a "true believer" your warped leftist mind informs you that it is impossible for you to ever be biased in any way. You are always just simply right and those who disagree with you are evil and irrelevant. Is a fish aware of the water in which it swims?

Of course she tells the truth, her truth. She doesn't know there are differing viewpoints, at least by intelligent people, but she would never listen to us knuckle draggers. Mitchell is incapable of the truth. This is a prerequisite when working for a liberal media company such as MSNBC. Too cut her a small amount of slack - when you have literally countless moments in which you've shown bias in your reporting, it can be difficult to recall a single one. Mitchell is a leftist, which means she's a liar by trade and character, and this represents literally well over 90 percent of the news media.

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