Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Politically Oriented Videos & Links To More Political News...

Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Are Squandering
An Opportunity They Never Thought They Would Get

Judge Allows Trump Commission's Voter Data Request To Proceed

Trump: Sessions "Very Weak" On Investigating Clinton, Intelligence Leakers

President Trump Delivers Healthcare
Speech Targeting The Senate Inaction

Former CIA Director John Brennan Call For Coup If Trump Fires Robert Mueller

Levin: We'll Lose The Country If We Don't Have A Reawakening Of Americanism

Jared Kushner Delivers Statement To Media
Following The Senate Intel Committee Meeting

White House: Schiff Has Done 14 Hours Of TV Interviews Since Trump Took Office

Scaramucci Prepared To Clean House To Get Rid Of Leakers

WH Comm. Dir. Anthony Scaramucci
Interview By John Dickerson Of CBS News

It's Official: Baby Charlie Gard Is Now In The Final Hours Of Life

Rand Paul: I'll Vote To Proceed On ObamaCare Repeal

Sean Hannity Interviews VP Mike Pence On
Health Care: "An Opportune Moment To Make History"

Quote For The Day: Some folks who mocked government death panels are kind of quiet about Charlie Gard. -- Razor

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