Friday, June 2, 2017

The Travel "Ban" Is Headed To The Supreme Court...

Daily Caller -- The Department of Justice will bring its defense of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees and migrants to the Supreme Court, after the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling barring the order’s enforcement.

“This Department of Justice will continue to vigorously defend the power and duty of the Executive Branch to protect the people of this country from danger, and will seek review of this case in the United States Supreme Court,” Sessions said in a statement shortly after the ruling Thursday.

There are several paths by which the ruling could reach the high court. The Department demurred when the DCNF asked how it planned to proceed.
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Blog Author's Comments: If the Supreme Court should rule in favor of the temporary ban proposed by President Trump, that prohibits for 90 days the entry of travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, that would help protect our country, I believe that most thinking Americans agree with the president. Excepting, of course, the liberal judges that have risked the lives of some of our people by their petty leftist rulings. This is something that is needed for American officials to conduct a review into the screening of these people to help prevent terrorist threats. Hopefully the administration by now has an improved vetting process in place. Trump cannot be expected to do everything himself. Justice Gorsuch is now on the court, but I still do not trust Chief Justice Roberts, after what he did to the United States with regard to Obama and the ACA. I will never again trust him or respect him. So, we should not become too pleased at this time. It will also take a while for the court to decide if they will accept the case and rule on it.

Trump simply replaced the late Justice Scalia with Justice Gorsuch. There is still a suspect right leaning majority at best. The White House lawyers had better prepare and argue the case to the high court very well, because this will be their last chance. One would think it should go fine for America if the court follows the Constitution, but at least four justices that I know of, do not believe in it, they have already proven that. If and when the president’s ban is approved, CNN and the rest of the news networks will be telling those who actually watch the ‘fake news’ from the Trump haters, that the Russians had something to do with the ruling and will accuse Justice Gorsuch of colluding with Russia.

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