Thursday, June 1, 2017

Political News & Political Videos...

Visa Overstays: A Gap In The Nation's Border

The Coming Conservative Supreme Court

What Is The Washington Post Hiding About Its Jared Kushner Story?

Internet Withdrawal Increases Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

GOP Senator: Intercept Test Sends 'Clear Message' To 'Unstable Dictator'

Alternate Reality: 58 Percent Of Dems Think Russia Rigged Election For Trump

Clinton Says Trump Likely Behind Russia Election Hack

Sleazy Leftist Website Trashes Marine Corps On Memorial Day

John Sununu Confronts CNN Anchor On Their Trump
Russia Delusion: "How Much Crow Are You Going To Eat?"

The GOP Are Road-Blocking Trump
Even More Than The Democrats Are

Bitter Hillary (Not My Fault) Clinton, Blames
'Bankrupt' DNC For Crushing Election Loss

Sean Spicer Exposing Fake News At White House
Press Briefing On Donald Trump, NATO Russia Leaks

Merkel Saying Germany Must Now Take Care
Of Themselves Is A 'Massive Trump Victory'

Former Acting CIA Director Mike Morrell: Trump
Succeeded In Convincing Saudis "He Has Their Back
Against Iran", Huge Success For U.S. National Security

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