Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crystal Wright To John Lewis: 'What Have You Done Since Selma?'

Truth Revolt -- The very right and "Conservative Black Chick" Crystal Wright would like to know what Rep. John Lewis "has done since Selma."

According to leftists, Congressman Lewis of Georgia is off-limits for criticism since he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma 50 years ago. That means when Lewis falsely accuses Tea Partiers of hurling N-words at him while providing no evidence to back his claim and boycotts the inauguration of two constitutionally elected presidents – he boycotted Bush's in 2000 – people should just shut their mouths and take the slander.

Fortunately, the world has some sane people unwilling to subject themselves to such nonsensical abuse; not many, mind you, but they do exist. Blogger Crystal Wright represents such people, and she's here to say that just because Lewis fought a noble cause 50 years ago doesn't mean he should be excused for what any rational person would classify as a political legacy of failure, and quite possibly corrupt, since morally righteous people don't slander political opponents as racist without evidence and sow national divide for the sake of virtue signaling.

As Harvey Dent says in The Dark Knight, "you either die a hero or live to see yourself become the villain."

Speaking with Stuart Varney on Fox Business, Wright said that Lewis has no business calling Trump "illegitimate" and should look in the mirror.

​“And, you know, what I want to know is what has John Lewis done since he marched on Selma?" she asked rhetorically only to be met with metaphorical crickets. "He's riding on the coattails of something that happened over 50 years ago. ...[T]o me, his position in Congress is illegitimate."

Lewis took a front seat in the national political conversation when he announced his plan to boycott Trump's inauguration, because Russian influence in the election and other mythical nonsense concocted by the left. Since the President-elect is "getting too old for this sh–t," he took Lewis to task on Twitter:

Trump tweeted: "Congressman John Lewis should spend more time fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results," - "All talk, talk, talk and no action or results. Sad!"

According to the very right and "Conservative Black Chick" Crystal Wright, not to mention very beautiful – uh oh, the feminists don't like that – the only racial component to this feud is the notion that Trump can't criticize a black man for being a corrupt hypocrite, but a black man can boycott a legitimately elected president even though he'd eschew such action if Trump had dark skin or a D next to his name.

"If Donald Trump was not white and a Republican, John Lewis would have no problem with anything that he had said, how he’s conducting his presidency," she said. "If John Lewis was not black, nobody would care what he is saying."

Though Crystal Wright is usually very right, she got one thing wrong: nobody does care what John Lewis is saying.

Now let's all pop some Newman's Own and enjoy the inauguration.
Blog Author's Comments -- Crystal Wright is correct about Lewis - 'What Have You Done Since Selma?' Rep. John Lewis has been riding his black privilege for years. He rode his 15 minutes of fame at Selma into office and has been using it to stay there ever since. Lewis's lifetime claim to fame is he has held a seat in the House of Representatives without ever accomplishing anything. Well, to be fair, he has lied a lot and did a significant amount of race-baiting. John Lewis can't name one significant piece of legislation he authored and championed into law that benefited Black people. What has Lewis done for his people? Nothing! He went from a one time "hero" to full time parasite and hypocrite.

In many ways Lewis is just an adjunct of the Reverend Jackson, who used their association with King to gain wealth and fame and contributed nothing to the betterment of society. Donald Trump is being criticized for defending himself for being called an illegitimate President by Lewis. Is he supposed to listen to this racist black man, who has been in Congress almost 30 years and has not done anything of significance. I do not consider him a civil rights icon. I have no respect for Lewis because he deserves none and respects no one unless they belong to the Democrat Party.

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