Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Political Videos & Links To Political News...

"John Lewis Is Not A Legitimate
Congressman!" Mason Weaver

Man Charged With Threatening To Kill President-Elect Donald Trump

Senator Rand Paul CNN Interview Over
Trump Russia 'Fake News', Inauguration Boycott

Obama Scores Worst Legislative Record In History

Trump Team Accuses Democrats
Of Trying To Delegitimize His Win

Biden Warns That The Progressive Democratic World Order Is At Risk Of Collapse

Cavuto: Taking Stock Of Obama's Legacy

The Groveling White House Press Shower Obama With Adulation At Final Presser

Limbaugh Went Off On The Sore Loser Democrats
Who Are Boycotting The Donald Trump Inauguration

Liar To The End: Obama Says That US Is Only Country That Makes It Hard To Vote

Tucker Carlson & Glenn Greenwald:
Government Agencies vs. Donald Trump

Trump Meets With Possible Supreme Court Pick - Surprise The Left Hates Him

If Russians Hacked The Election,
How Did Hillary Win The Popular Vote?

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