Friday, December 30, 2016

Bolton: 'The Russians Have Walked All Over
The Obama Administration For Eight Years'

Breitbart -- Friday, former United Nations ambassador John Bolton reacted on “Fox & Friends” to President Barack Obama sanctioning Russian intelligence officials over hacking suspicions.

According to Bolton, the Russians have “walked all over” Obama his entire presidency.

“Look, the Russians have walked all over the Obama Administration for eight years,” Bolton said. “It’s really been a pathetic performance.”

Bolton suggested Obama sanctioned the 35 Russian officials “to try and box the Trump Administration in.”

“So, what this last burst of activity has to do is hard to say. I do think it’s intended to try and box the Trump administration in. I think it will fail. This is simply an executive order. If President Trump decides to reverse it, it’s easy enough to do,” he added.
Blog Author's Comments -- John Bolton does not know that the Russians hacked Hillary's campaign manager, John Podesta's emails, and put them on-line as part of the WikiLeaks information exposing the corruption within Hillary, Podesta, Obama and the Democrat's dishonest and downright criminal activity. This, the voters were entitled to know prior to the election. Julian Assange who provides the WikiLeaks information has not been wrong yet.

Obama has embarrassed not only himself but the United States, with his actions against Israel and Russia. But, this is no surprise, he has always been an anti-Semitic and he is using the Russians as the people behind WikiLeaks hacking that showed us what Hillary Clinton has been and will always be. Putin did not win the election for Donald Trump, Hillary lost because of what she is. And Trump ran a great and aggressive campaign.

I have believed for years that Barack Hussein Obama has been the worst president in the history of our country. He has worked harder in these few weeks during the transition period than he did during all of his time in office. When it was time to go to work for we the people, he went golfing or on vacation. But when it came time to work against we the people, or against Israel, he worked overtime in an attempt to make a mess of things for Trump to clean up.

President Trump and his administration will take care of the business of governing the country with America's best interests in mind. One huge difference between Trump and Obama, Trump cares for his country and its people and Obama does not. He was intent upon dismantling the country and pitting the haves against the have not’s. Obama supported homeland terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter who are nothing but racist thugs. This is Obama the racist 'community organizer.' He cannot be gone soon enough. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has listened to his lies for eight years and Vladimir Putin the President of the Russian Federation laughs at him.

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