Thursday, December 29, 2016

Obama Is Creating As Much Chaos As Possible Prior To Leaving Office

NBC is reporting that President Obama intends to continue his efforts at creating as much international crisis as possible prior to walking away from office, and leaving President Trump to clean up the aftermath.

After initiating the latest international crisis with Israel, the former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize now turns his antagonism efforts toward Russia….

NBC News -- The Obama administration is preparing retaliatory actions against Russia for its alleged involvement in cyber-attacks on Democratic Party institutions in order to interfere in the presidential election, two senior U.S. officials confirmed to NBC News.

As early as Thursday or Friday, a 2015 Obama executive order will be updated to announce the retaliatory steps, the officials said.

The announced steps will likely include economic sanctions coordinated by the Treasury Department. Unannounced steps could be covert and may involve cyber options — although the U.S. has been very careful to try to avoid engaging Russia in an all-out cyber war, the officials said.[...]

In October the Obama administration publicly accused the Russian government of directing the cyber-attacks on U.S. political organizations.

Obama earlier this month blamed "the highest level" of the Russian government for the hacks, noting that "not much happens in Russia" without Putin giving the green light.

Russia has denied involvement.
Blog Author's Comments -- Obama, the Democrats and a few left leaning RINO's have no hard evidence that Russia interfered with the election. Obama and Hillary will never accept the fact that they and their party lost to Donald J. Trump and will not likely elect another president for a long time.

Obama is doing his best to insure President-Elect Trump will fail. The joke is on Obama. Things being done now with Russia and Israel will only contribute to his already failed presidency, it will all but guarantee Obama will be remembered for his failed foreign policies. Can anyone name another President who went out of his way to put the screws to his own country less than 30 days before leaving office? Once again I say, he is nothing but a racist, narcissistic, 'street corner community organizer.' He continues to prove that he was not fit to be the president of our country.

This, like a lot of other things Obama is doing, isn’t something that will lead to Trump’s failure. In his delusional mind, he thinks it will, but I’m betting that Trump will be able to fix this quickly and move past it. Of course, if and when that happens, Obama will become absolutely unglued. And with each attempt to try and be an obstacle in the way of President Trump, he will embarrass himself even more.

I am old enough to have lived through a number of administration changes and have never seen an outgoing president behave so recklessly with complete disregard for serious consequences with his words and actions. This petty, petulant little man-child has attempted to be a human wrecking ball since his first day in office. Good riddance to a huge stain on America's history. But, I did not vote for him because I knew what he was and is - and now he is going out of his way to prove it.

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