Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Recent Audio From The Rush Limbaugh Show...

Trump Has Changed The Rules Of
Politics, Media Covering Wrong Things

Blog Author's Comments -- I agree with some of what Limbaugh said. What I don't believe is correct are the various national polls which show that Trump and Clinton are tied or Clinton is leading. These numbers are a sham produced by the folks who are Hillary backers and who believe that this year is her turn to win the presidency. Let the Democrats have a convention where they rip into the US military and rip into American law enforcement. Let them have their convention where they rip into America's health care.

Let them have a convention where they try to tear down every institution and tradition, and let them do it in public. Let them show their support for the hate groups such as 'black lives matter' and we shall see where it gets them and Clinton. I don't believe Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election. There are way too many Donald Trump supporters who want him in the White House. They want him in charge of the country. They want him to get rid of all the people Obama put in power. The people have already spoken by the huge majority of delegates he garnered during the campaign. President Donald J. Trump 2016.

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