Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wednesday Night At The Republican Convention...

Donald Trump gave Senator Ted Cruz the rope, and Ted hung himself on national TV by refusing to endorse Trump.

Ted Cruz Booed By RNC Crowd After
Refusing To Endorse Donald Trump

Chris Christie Succinctly Explains
What Just Happened To Ted Cruz

Blog Author's Comments -- Sen. Ted Cruz went on stage last night and committed political suicide and Trump allowed him to do it. He showed who and what he really is. For the Cruzbots - those who are still supporting Ted Cruz for president. I suppose many of them because Donald Trump is the GOP's nominee will stay home from the polls and pout. This is just like going to the polls and voting for Hillary Clinton to be our next president.

This lack of thinking is just plain dumb and shows no common sense and what is best for our country. Obama with Hillary's help as the inept Secretary of State, have succeeded in Obama's effort to tear down our country and he has totally ruined race relations and how without any respect other counties think of America. Those who pay attention to politics should surely know that Clinton has shown the world how pathetic the current administration really is. Does anyone still think Hillary Clinton will make a good president and ‘Make America Great Again’ ? I sure as hell do not!

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