Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Political Videos And Links To News Columns...

Trey Gowdy Demoralizes Lying Loretta Lynch

Mother Of Benghazi Victim Declares 'Hillary Belongs In Stripes'

Sheriff David Clarke's Tense
Chat With CNN's Don Lemon

Trump Advisers Target Muslim Brotherhood On U.S. Soil

Paul Manafort Interview - Fox News Sunday

Obama Bears Direct Responsibility For Anti-Cop Fervor Sweeping Nation

Sheriff David Clarke Explosive Speech
At Republican National Convention

Feds Reportedly Telling Blacktivists To Stay The Hell Away From Cleveland

Young Democrats And Republicans
Scared By Hillary's Email Scandal

Newt Gingrich Is Right, Cull And Deport Sharia Muslims

John Kerry "ISIS Is On The Run"

Cleveland Police Union Head On Baton Rouge: Obama Has 'Blood On His Hands'

Donald Trump Monday Morning Interview,
Discussing Baton Rouge Police Ambush

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