Friday, May 13, 2016

No Politics Today - A Few Videos Of Our Animal Friends...

Bareback Riding Without Reins
Performed By Stacy Westfall

The Cougar Hunting The Little Bear Cub

The Legacy Of Bart The Bear

Friday The 13th, Bad Luck?

Black Cats Unlucky? -- Does a black cat crossing your path really bring bad luck? That belief dates back to the Middle Ages, when felines were associated with the devil and nearly eradicated. Ironically, this action may have prolonged the Black Plague, a disease carried by rodents which caught it from infested fleas. Many believe now that cats could have limited the disease-spreading rodent population, thus curtailing the spread of the plague. Later, ebony felines were associated with witches who could turn themselves into their (typically black) furry companions. Today, black cats are rightly beloved by many.

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