Thursday, May 12, 2016

Donald Trump, Paul Ryan And Others Meet Today In Washington...

Lou Dobbs - A Few Thoughts Now On The Increasingly
Isolated & Clearly Politically Perplexed Ryan - Ryan Vs. Trump

Tweet Today From Trump

Blog Author's Comments -- Lou Dobbs is the best that Fox News has. He and Tucker Carlson are the only two on the cable news channel worth watching and listening to. Paul Ryan is a RINO and another of the 'Never Trump Boys'. He should stop his whining and get the hell out of the way.

He is way too full of himself and at least as bad of a Speaker of the House as John Boehner. Hopefully Ryan will lose his seat in Congress to businessman Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Ryan in the upcoming primary. Donald Trump cannot rule by executive order. He must create a consensus with the currently opposing forces. I believe Trump can do that.

Ryan showed again today that he is enjoying his time in the spotlight after he met with Donald Trump for 45 minutes and still refuses to endorse him. The bad news is that his challenger in the primary is said not to have much of a chance of removing him from Congress.

Those who want real change over what we have had during the past 25 plus years will vote for Trump. But, at this time some members of the Republican Party still want to take him down, and if the electorate puts him in the White House, members of both parties will make his life as difficult as they can. We just have to pay attention to the people who want and will try to make Trump's time in office a failure and to hell with the voters. I'm flipping through my Constitution and I don't see where it says a presidential candidate must be vetted by an irrelevant congressman.

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