Friday, March 11, 2016

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After Caving To Race Base Protests, Mizzou Has Huge Budget Gap Of $32 Million

Enough With The Double Standard For Muslims

Donald Trumps Closing Remarks
At The 12th Republican Debate

Caddell: 'American People Figured Out They've Been Screwed By Free Trade'

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump

Donald Trump Post CNN GOP
12th Debate Interview In Florida

Clinton IT Specialist Revealing Server Details To FBI, 'Devastating Witness'

Supporters 'Lay Hands' On Cruz At Rally

O'Reilly: Media Trying To 'Demean' Trump, His Supporters With 'Fascism' Talk

Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Donald Trump 3-11-2016

Blog Author's Comments -- Last night the twelfth Republican debate returned to a more civil confrontation, and candidate Donald Trump benefitted from the shift. Trump reminded the republican audience in the auditorium and at home that millions of new people were becoming involved in this election, others switching party registration, and aligning with the republican insurgency he’s leading. I watched part of the debate hosted by CNN and it was conducted in a much more professional manner than those hosted by Fox News. It was more like one would expect a debate to be.

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