Monday, March 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton Says Putting Black Criminals In Jail Is Just Like Slavery

Down Trend -- Black people commit a lot of crimes and often go to jail for breaking the law. Thanks to liberal ding-dongs and black activists, this cut and dry fact has been turned into a racial issue. If a lot of black people are going to jail, it must be racist, they say. It doesn’t really matter if these black criminals are actually guilty of crimes, the lefties argue that it is systemic racism somehow.

Cue Hillary Clinton. In her shameless effort to attract the black vote, she has taken the position that blacks should not be put in jail when they commit crimes. In a CNN town hall meeting on Sunday she even went so far as to liken the jailing of black criminals to slavery.

Things started off with a Hillary supporter asking this scripted question:

“I believe that the number of prisons that are built in this country is absolutely shameful. And we know that black and brown people are disproportionately represented in a system that in one instance allows an “affluenza defense,” and in other instances really makes tougher penalties on people because they live in a particular zip code,” said the woman.

“Right,” said Clinton agreeing with the woman so far.

“So my question of you, Secretary Clinton, as president, what will you do to address this system to make it more fair and balanced and address a system that many are calling modern day slavery,” asked the woman.

“Well, your description of the problem is absolutely right,” replied Clinton.

There you have it: Hillary Clinton agrees that our justice system is racist and putting black criminals in jail is just like slavery. Like everything else, she is 100% wrong. Slaves were productive while criminals are not.

This is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about so you know her answer didn’t end there. The meandering pandering ramble was just beginning.

“One in three African-American men, if the trends that we see today continue, will spend some time in jail or prison. That is absolutely unacceptable. There is no justification for it. There is no excuse for it,” said Clinton.

Really? There’s no excuse for putting lawbreakers behind bars? The problem with this liberal push for “justice reform” is that it suggests that innocent black people are sent to prison for no reason. That is not the case. These are bad people who did bad things and they sure as hell don’t belong out in society just so liberals can deal with their white guilt.

That’s pretty bad, but get ready for this: Hillary actually says that white people don’t go to jail when they commit crimes.

“And I have been going around speaking out that an African-American young man is more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated for doing exactly the same thing as a white man who is not,” said Clinton.[...]

The rest of Hillary’s answer, and believe me it was long, involved a lot of blah blah blah ah blah about systemic racism and the fictitious school-to-prison pipeline. The thing to take away from this is that a person who would like to be our president doesn’t believe that criminals should go to jail if they happen to be black. I’m guessing she would extend this to herself when the indictment comes down over her handling of classified materials.

Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to get elected. Perhaps some of the Black voters will see her for what she really is. We are now experiencing a new version of two philosophies. It is no longer liberal versus conservative, it really comes down to those who prefer to be lied to, versus those who prefer to hear and face the truth. Representing the first are all establishment candidates. The second are those who agree with Donald Trump.

Clinton and her party are the low lives and low information voters meal ticket, and would vote for her no matter what she said or has done. All they care about is a free ride in life and the Democrats are happy to give it to them for their votes in return. This has been the Democrats playbook for many decades. The number of blacks in prison is in direct relation to the number of blacks that commit crimes. If the blacks or 'slaves' that Clinton refers to them as, did not commit the crime they would not be behind bars where they belong.

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