Thursday, March 10, 2016

Donald Trump: We Are Going To Build A Wall...

Trump Clarifies Border Wall Plans

Blog Author's Comments -- It seems as though Donald Trump is alone, fighting the ever growing deterioration of America by the illegal immigrants. Why has there not been a wall or some sort of barrier to help stop the illegals from entering our country erected years ago? But, most importantly, we need many more armed and trained border guards. Also put a stop to all the free stuff they receive from the government and cease allowing them to be employed.

Why are we giving the illegals anything? Obama’s goal is the ‘transformation’ of America and he has been successful. Meanwhile the so-called leaders of the Republican Party do nothing to attempt to prevent what he is and has been doing. One reason so many people are backing Trump is because they are tired of what they see and hear from our lawmakers in Washington. They don't want another career politician as the next president. Donald Trump is telling them what they have wanted to hear for years.

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