Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gun Owners and Gun Vendors Take A Stand

NRA (By Wayne LaPierre) -- Across this nation, gun stores are virtually empty. There is simply no ammunition to be had. Backorders are running into the late Fall or next year, or maybe never. Gun sales are higher than at any time in history: more than one million in one month. And first-time gun buyers are exercising their right to keep and bear arms in unprecedented numbers.

All of this adds up to a massive civil rights protest the likes of which America has not seen before.

It is political spontaneous combustion. And I guarantee what we are seeing at the cash box will be repeated at the ballot box in 2014 if Congress votes for any gun control.

In all my years fighting the battle to preserve the Second Amendment, I have never seen a mass protest of this magnitude. As Americans learn more about the threat to their rights and freedom, it will continue to grow.

Politicians had better wake up to what it means for them in every corner of the nation. The men and women exercising freedom in this consumer-driven protest cross every personal political boundary and represent every walk of life.

And, yes, they are motivated by a palpable and very well-founded fear of what President Barack Obama’s government and the likes of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and self-appointed gun-ban nanny, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have in store for free, peaceable Americans.

Feinstein has introduced a presumptive ban on virtually all semi-auto rifles and shotguns with detachable magazines.

The New York law passed and pushed by Gov. Cuomo is worse. The news media called Cuomo’s massive ban “a good first step.” That’s what they will say about his next step. “Confiscation is not off the table,” he bragged.

Bloomberg is bankrolling huge propaganda efforts to convince Americans that he loves the Second Amendment while disarming law-abiding citizens across the nation. Even Bloomberg admits none of these laws would have prevented the massacre at Sandy Hook because, “there are too many guns.” He says he doesn’t want guns in schools carried by cops or trained guards. He doesn’t even want NYPD cops to take their guns home.

And Barack Obama is the worst. His administration promised “revenge” and he is delivering it—for starters in the form of 23 “executive” sneak attacks on our freedom—actions he claims have the force of laws. Orders so bad, they would never clear any Congress.

This is what is driving the consumer civil rights protest.

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Blog author's comments - Many gun owners knew that an Obama second term would bring an attack on their Second Amendment rights. After the election came the tragic killings at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. This gave Obama and the Democrats, with help from the leftist media, the opportunity they wanted to wage an attack on the Second Amendment and the attempt to pass new gun control laws. We shall see what the Senate and the House does with the gun control bills which they will soon vote on. No matter how the Senators and House Representatives vote there will always be an ongoing battle for legal gun owners to retain their rights.

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