Monday, March 25, 2013

Wayne LaPierre: Michael Bloomberg 'Insane' On Guns

Huffington Post -- The National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre said Sunday that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has an "insane" approach to gun control, telling NBC's "Meet the Press" that universal background checks for gun buyers are a "dishonest premise."

"Criminals aren't going to be checked, they're not going to do this," LaPierre said, calling background checks a "speed bump for the law abiding."

Bloomberg, an advocate of stricter gun control, has given millions of dollars toward tighter regulation through Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He supports universal background checks, as well as a ban on assault weapons and an upgraded gun-tracking system -- all measures the NRA opposes.

LaPierre said that a list making it easier to track weapons used at crime scenes would be abused. "Our names are going to be in the system, there is going to be a list created, the list will be abused," he said, sounding concerns over privacy for gun owners. "Some newspaper will print it off, somebody will hack it, there will be a registry."

Lapierre said a better solution to gun violence is to focus on things like mental health services and arming school employees, saying "90 percent of school administrators, 90 percent say that armed security, police officers in schools, make those schools safer. Not a mom or dad wants to drop their kid off at school and leave their kids unprotected."

"Yes, we were right. And we're right that the mental health system needs to be fixed," he said of the NRA. "We want to do the real things that make people safe. What's appalled me about this whole debate is about how little it has to do with making people safe."
Blog author's comments - The NRA is standing strong in support of our Second Amendment rights...if you are not a member join now. Wayne LaPierre is correct. Criminals don't do background checks. Nor will a criminal abide by any new or current gun laws. Why not concentrate efforts on criminals with guns and the mentally ill?

Michael Bloomberg is a liberal with money. He enjoys the power which he has as the Mayor of New York. He does have an 'insane' approach to gun control and many other things. He is the typical Democrat who believes they know what is best for the rest of America and he will continue his crusade against guns. Obama and the Democrats love him, helping them do the work they want to accomplish.

The Democrats would rather demonize the NRA and every Republican idea than listen to reason. If Bloomberg, Obama and Feinstein had their way all guns would be confiscated. Since Gov. Cuomo passed his law in New York taking the maximum number of bullets in a magazine from 10 to 7, I wonder if Bloomberg's bodyguards carry only 7 rounds in the magazines of their guns...I don't think so.

NRA's Wayne LaPierrre On Bloomberg
And Gun Control: "He Can't Buy America"

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