Monday, February 11, 2013

Pelosi To Bring Newtown Student To State Of The Union

Red Alert Politics -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced Friday that she will bring a fourth-grade girl from Newtown, CT to be her guest at the coming State of the Union Address.

The mother of the fourth-grader will also attend.

This particular child is not a student from Sandy Hook Elementary, but Pelosi chose her because of a letter she wrote asking government officials to "ban semi-automatic weapons"..
Blog author's comments - Will these Democrats ever stop exploiting children for political gain? Nancy Pelosi cannot make an intelligent argument, all she can do is to stage shameless stunts.

Would putting armed guards in schools and ending some "Gun Free Zones" deter atrocities? I think so. However, those are things Pelosi and the Democrats are not interested in doing.

Pelosi is currently pushing 14 gun control measures introduced to the House of Representatives by Democrat lawmakers. She has remarked that Democrats have a " small window of time " to get their legislation through the House.

Remember, this is the woman who yesterday said that she was all for the First Amendment right to bear arms.

Nancy Pelosi Gets Her Amendments Confused - Says
First Amendment Protects The Right To Bear Arms

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