Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DNC Chief - "Republicans Have Fully Embraced Extremism"

Wasserman Schultz: 'Very likely' for GOP to lose House, blames tea party

Daily Caller -- Predictions of victory are taboo in sports because they wind up as bulletin board material to motivate the opposition. But that isn’t stopping Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz from making grand projections about her party’s electoral success come November.

On Tuesday’s “Starting Point” on CNN, Wasserman Schultz stopped short of Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod’s outright declaration that President Barack Obama would win re-election by saying it was “entirely reasonable” to believe that Democrats would recapture the U.S. House.

“I think it’s entirely reasonable for [House Speaker John Boehner] to expect that they could lose the House because they very well could,” she said. “We’re working hard to make sure that happens because John Boehner has allowed the tea party to take over his conference.”[...]

“The Republicans have fully embraced extremism and they have brought in two years almost no jobs legislation to this floor and not worked with the president on any legislation to help make sure that we can move the economy forward because their number one goal is political and that’s to defeat Barack Obama,” she said.
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Blog author's comments - Extremism has been overplayed by the Democrats the same as the race card. I would like to know how many times Wasserman Schultz has accused the GOP of 'extremism.' Perhaps Debbie Wasserman Schultz will join the unemployed in a few months.

The liberals say the GOP has had two years and refuse to work with Obama. That is what many wanted when they voted for the Republicans in 2010. They wanted them to stop him.

The strategy here is, if the Democrats can make enough groundless accusations of extremism, etc. about the GOP, then the truth about what the Democrats have been doing and are doing to our country will be lost in the confusion.

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