Monday, April 23, 2012

Obama - Refuses To Support Israel

State Dept. Refuses To Support Israeli Participation In Nato Summit

Washington Free Beacon -- A State Department spokesperson refused to signal U.S. support for Israeli participation in an upcoming NATO summit in Chicago next month.

Turkey raised eyebrows this week when it rejected Israeli participation in the summit.

Israel is a partner country working with NATO on an ad hoc basis, but is not a full member of the treaty organization. Turkey, however, is a full member of NATO, and President Obama has formed a close relationship with Turkish Leader Tayyip Erdogan, whose critics accuse him of imposing an Islamist agenda.

Given repeated opportunities to support Israeli participation in the summit, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland demurred.

The reporter questioning Nuland even went so far as to warn her that her unclear response would be seized upon and “slammed” by the pro-Israel community, which has had a tense relationship with the administration.
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Blog author's comments - The time has come to expel Turkey from NATO. This November is also the time to remove President Obama from the White House. He again refuses to support Israel. Why does this not surprise me?

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