Friday, July 28, 2017

John McCain Casts His Legacy Vote Against The
American People, Votes To Continue ObamaCare...

TLR -- At 1:45am on July 28th 2017, Republican Senator John McCain together with Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voted against the ObamaCare repeal in the Senate; ensuring the failing ObamaCare health care takeover and economic drag continues.

This should not come as a surprise. McCain has a legacy of voting against the American people to the benefit of his corrupt legislative corporate handlers. Yet, the vote was still blood-boiling in ramification and consequence.

Additionally, it should be noted for an accurate record that Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller delayed his own roll call vote, skipped his name when called, until he was able to see that McCain cast the vote against America.

When Heller was safe – as in: able to hide his malicious intent and vote “aye” at the conclusion of the roll- he gave the appearance of support. A very typical albeit Machiavellian maneuver, customarily subtle and historically utilized by Senator Ted Cruz with few paying attention.

Senator McCain’s vote holds much larger ramifications than just the continuance of ObamaCare. Inherent within the retention is a reality that any tax reform, tax cuts to benefit the middle-class, will also necessarily be diminished.

The expansion of Medicaid within ObamaCare has, by intention and design, blown a massive hole in the federal budget.

When tax reform legislation is now proposed the CBO scoring will have to factor in a large projected need for additional tax revenue. This reality essentially dooms the middle-class tax proposal of the White House unless adjustments are made.

When considering the cost of ObamaCare and expanded Medicaid expenditures, it is now likely the middle-class tax-paying workers will not only have the cost of skyrocketing health insurance premiums locked in, but they will now need to contribute more of their tax dollars to subsidize Medicaid.
Blog Author's Comments: John McCain knows he won’t be around for another election hence it is safe to vote against the will of the people. We now know that there was no difference in voting for McCain or Obama in 2008. At least with Obama their party is falling faster in support. McCain's office says he will return to Arizona to start radiation and chemotherapy; will return to D.C. in September. Cranial radiation therapy has an extremely high rate of permanent brain damage, but it appears he has suffered from this for years.

Senate Republicans failed to pass a pared-down Obamacare repeal bill early Friday on a vote of 49-51 that saw three of their own dramatically break ranks. Three Republican senators — John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski — and all Democrats voted against the bill, dealing a stinging defeat to the 'Skinny Repeal' of Obamacare. President Donald J. Trump tweeted: ‘3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down. As I said from the beginning, let Obamacare implode, then deal. Watch!’ McCain did this for his legacy as the 'Maverick.' Too narcissistic to realize it’s a 30 year history of lying to his constituents being forgiven because he’s supposed to be some war hero. He’s not. Hopefully he will be remembered with dishonor.

He has done everything he can to sabotage Trump's presidency, because of his extreme hate and jealousy of him. He knows this is probably the end of the line for him and this is the way he has chosen to go out. Just goes to show on whose side McCain is on. And the same can be said for Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, the three Senators who voted against the bill. If they talk like a Democrat, vote like a Democrat, than I consider them to be Democrats, all three of the RINO’s.

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Quote For The Day: “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” -- Mark Twain

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