Thursday, July 27, 2017

"All Democrats Will Support It": #NeverTrumper Lindsey
Graham Working On Bill To Block POTUS From Firing Mueller

GP -- It’s been said the great threat to President Trump’s agenda are not the Democrat Party, but rather the GOP. Senator Lindsey Graham has proven yet again that this theory is likely true. POLITICO and NBC News report the South Carolina Senator is working on a bill that will have bi-partisan legislation to prevent President Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


"Sen. Lindsey Graham sent a sharp warning Thursday to President Donald Trump that it “could be the beginning of the end” of his presidency if he makes moves to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

The South Carolina Republican, who in the late 1990s served as a House impeachment manager against President Bill Clinton, said Trump would be crossing a serious “red line” by ordering the ouster of the lead investigator who is probing his campaign’s ties to Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

“Any effort to go after Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency unless Mueller did something wrong,” Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill, where he outlined plans to introduce legislation next week that would move to block any Trump attempts to fire Mueller.

Graham said his bill — which he promised would have Republican support and “all the Democrats” — would mandate that any special counsel established to investigate either a president or his staff can’t be fired “unless you have judicial review of the firing."
The Washington Examiner Reported: That Paul Ryan spoke to Wisconsin-based radio host, Jay Weber on Monday and defended the witch hunt by Mueller, saying, “Remember, Bob Mueller is a Republican who was appointed by a Republican who served in the Republican administration who crossed over and stayed on ’til his term ended.”

“I don’t think many people are saying Bob Mueller is a biased partisan. He’s really, sort of, anything but,” Ryan continued.

“The point is we have an investigation in the House, an investigation in the Senate and a special counsel, which sort of de-politicizes this stuff and gets it out of the political theater, and that is, I think, better to get this off to the side,” Ryan said. “I think the facts will vindicate themselves, and then let’s just go do our jobs.”

“What we’re not focused on doing is spending all of our time on Russia, spending all of our time on this intrigue. We want to spend our time focusing on solving people’s problems,” Ryan said. “Working on the problems people care about, their problems. Not this stuff.”

Paul Ryan claimed he’s focused on the GOP agenda…which is laughable at best.
Blog Author's Comments: For anyone who does not already know, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has stacked his counsel with radical left-wing activist lawyers and his law firm gave 99.81% of their campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton. Yet Graham and Ryan see nothing wrong with that and the delving into President Trump's finances, even though this was supposed to be about, any so-called Russia collusion with the Republican Party. Quite interesting that the majority republicans bent over backwards, forwards and sideways, to accommodate President Obama but can't seem to stop jumping in line to rein in President Trump. Both Graham and Ryan are traitors to the president and their party.

Congress is intentionally sabotaging President Trump, this same Congress who refused to reign in Obama does nothing but tie Trump's hands and override separation of powers. What the limp-wristed Graham said he will try is unconstitutional, this will not be done. But now we have even more evidence what many within the GOP are concentrating on. Folks, it's about time to admit this is much worse than we thought. The RNC is clearly acting against Trump too. We need to continue our support for him and realize that both sides want him gone. Sadly, this president is the best we could have hoped for after surviving both Bush and Obama. The GOP cannot get their act together to pass meaningful legislation, but think about doing anything they can to stop the president from doing his job.

Three investigations on Trump, two by Congress that have found nothing, and one by a Special Counsel who is out to find anything they can. This is as political as it can be, and Ryan is denying the obvious and is right in the middle of it. There is no crime, therefore we taxpayers are paying for a special counsel, for reasons that do not exist. I'm sick of the GOP and their games. Mueller should be dismissed as soon as possible. I'd like someone on the White House staff and a few within the GOP Congress to keep pointing out loud and clear that there is no crime, so essentially Mueller is not necessary.

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