Monday, July 17, 2017

James Carville: There Is 'No One' In Charge Of The
Democratic Party, Senate Changes In 2018 Look Bleak

GP -- Democrat strategist James Carville sounded the alarm recently about the Democrat Party saying that “no one” is in charge and that he is not optimistic about the Democrats taking back the Senate in 2018.

Sunday, on New York’s AM 970, Carville commented that “no one” was in charge of the Democrat Party.
"[If] a party is out of power and we don’t have a presidential candidate there is no one going to be in charge until sometime in 2020 when we choose a presidential candidate. I think right now most Democrats are trying to focus on the 2018 elections and trying to recruit people and keep incumbents, and, you know, I would say we have a pretty good chance of taking the House back. The Senate is very, very difficult."
Carville, commenting on the Senate, brought up some of the most basic facts that Democrats seem to be avoiding the painful reality of:
“The problem in the Senate is we have a large number of seats we have to hold in states that Donald Trump carried. Indiana, Missouri, you know, places like that we have to hold seats.”

Blog Author's Comments: We could almost forget about the people like Carville and the Democrat Party for now, if the Republican’s would put their energy behind what has to be done and what their voters cared about, instead of promoting themselves and grandstanding. They would not now be struggling like they are. I believe that Donald Trump's base will continue to support him, they want him to be successful and they know where the problem is within the GOP.

"James Carville: Dems Face an Uphill Battle if They Want to Win Back the Senate in 2018" It seems as if the many hard right Republicans and Democrats combined, already have control of the Senate. If you factor in John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins, Roy Blunt, John Cornyn and John Thune. These people are controlling the Senate. This is the real reason the Senate cannot get a repeal bill completed and to President Trump’s desk to be signed into law, or any other Trump inspired campaign promise for that matter.

Is it too much to expect that while Trump is the president a few RINO’s will lose their primaries to newcomers and the GOP can have some fresh minds in the Senate? At this point in time the Republican Party is fighting against President Trump more than the Democrats are. The GOP has a showdown brewing within itself. The Never Trumpers against the Pro-Trump people and it does not seem as if the divide is small.

And we still have the Democrats and the strong arm of their party, The Mainstream Media, who will not come to grips with the fact and themselves, that Hillary was a terrible candidate, ran a bad campaign and is a dangerous and extreme person, which is part of the reason that Donald Trump now occupies the White House.

"Trump Has Nothing But The
People That Voted For Him"

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