Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dem. Sen. Schiff: Democrats Wrong To Get Help From Ukrainians...But!

Blog Author's Comments: Senator Adam Schiff is a Democrat hack and part of the proverable Washington swamp. This guy has President Trump and the Russians living in his brain 24/7. No one has shown any hard evidence that the Russians did anything to change the outcome of the presidential election. If his mother is still among the living, would she tell her little son that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lost on their own? That Clinton was a terrible, corrupt candidate and will never ever be our country's president. It is worth being politically happy about that.

What the Russians did or did not do and Donald Jr's meeting with the lawyer are two different things. Does anyone actually think the Russian's are ignorant enough to send a lawyer to Trump Tower? She acted on her own and used the offer of Clinton dirt to get her foot in the door. If she did this to help anyone, it was the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party now has the White House, Senate and House. They are in power and it is up to them to straighten out their in-fighting problems and help the president accomplish what they are being paid to do. if not, I certainly hope the voters will not forget, who the culprits were, when they are running for reelection.

Adam Schiff's tweets:

-- Don Jr.’s emails are about as clear evidence as you could find of intent by the Trump campaign to collude with the Russians.

-- Was Trump campaign doing privately what candidate Trump called for publicly? They wanted dirt on HRC and these were efforts to obtain it.

The Republican Party and the Trump people did not require any Russian help to obtain 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton. What she is guilty of is very obvious. But, former Director of the FBI James Comey is very much left leaning and was and is afraid of Obama, former AG Loretta Lynch and the Democrats to tell the DOJ, there was ample evidence to bring charges against her.

Quote For The Day: I've been looking up CNN employees for over an hour and amazingly, I haven't found one single conservative -- Jack Posobiec

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