Thursday, June 15, 2017

Radicalized By Leftists, James T. Hodgkison Attempted
Mass Murder Of Some Republican Members Of Congress

On June 14, 2017 - James T Hodgkison (66) shot five people: ♦ House GOP Whip Steve Scalise, ♦ Zak Barth (congressional aide), ♦ Matt Mika (lobbyist,) ♦ David Bailey (capitol hill police) and ♦ Krystal Griner (capitol hill police)
Hodgkinson Was Killed At The Scene By Capital Hill Police.

Democrat Supporter And GOP Baseball
Practice Shooter James T. Hodgkinson

Hodgkinson's Facebook Page Looks Like
A CNN Panel Discussing Trump And Russia

Shooter James T. Hodgkinson, Anti-Trump And Bernie Sanders
Supporter Who Wrote, "Time To Destroy Trump And Company."

Senator Bernie Sanders Apologizes For His
Campaign Worker Shooting Members Of Congress

Blog Author's Comments: I wish a speedy recovery for all the shooting victims of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC. Democrats promoting violence against Republicans now happens quite often. The left has managed to normalize mindless violence as the new liberal pattern. The left has rioted constantly since the election destroying millions of dollars in property. The left has viciously attacked innocent people for simply supporting the candidate of their choice. The left has decapitated Trump in effigy. The left has stabbed Trump to death in effigy. Now their abject violence is coming to full fruition. The left is getting the savagery they have incited and demanded. The left has made it crystal clear that they will not only criticize but attempt to do harm to anyone who subscribes to an ideology different than theirs. But now, after the shooting the mainstream media will quickly sweep this story under the rug. Does anyone believe the leftist media will change their attacks on President Trump and the GOP in any way? I don't believe it will happen. It will be business as usual for the so-called journalists who cannot and never will accept the fact that their candidate lost the election.

The Democrats have promised a wave of violent protests this summer. There is no doubt that they regard violence as a means to get what they want. The deranged shooter was goaded into his insanity by the leftist politicians, media and entertainment industry not to mention Hillary with her 'basket of deplorables', that she would like to see eliminated. The people at the FBI still can't say that it was a hate-crime either. It's time to clean up the FBI, and the leftist mainstream media. Obama, Hillary, and others on the left encouraged anarchy, this mob mentality, he divided us by race, class, traditions, Obama's refusal to condemn attacks on our police and military spoke volumes. Eight years of unchecked, Marxist, Socialism does that, it subverts all foundations and institutions, from education, to media, to putting politics into everything. And on the subject of 'compromise' - which I have heard the talking heads banter about for a day, this will not happen. The Democrats and leftist media are too far gone for any compromise or agreement between the liberals and Republican Party to occur.

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