Friday, June 16, 2017

Gregg Jarrett: Mueller Needs To Resign, "This Is
The Kind Of Stuff Over Which Lawyers Get Disbarred"

GP -- FOX News legal expert Gregg Jarrett suggested yesterday that Robert Mueller should disqualify himself from special counsel due to his relationship with James Comey.

The special counsel could not find any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia so now they are going for obstruction of justice charges according to the latest deep state leads to the liberal media.

Donald Trump responded to this ongoing witch hunt.

He asked about Hillary’s crooked dealings with Russia.

And Hillary Clinton’s obstruction of justice.

Gregg Jarrett says Mueller must recuse himself.

Gregg Jarrett: If you look at the special counsel statute it says you cannot serve as special counsel if you have a personal relationship with someone who is central to the case. If this Washington Post story is true, it’s now Trump against Comey. Comey is now the star witness, the key witness against Trump. Well, guess what? Comey and Mueller are longtime close personal friends, partners, allies. They were joined at the hip at the DOJ and FBI. It’s a mentor-protege relationship. How is this fair to Donald Trump because Mueller is now going to decide whether to believe his good friend or the man who fired his good friend...This is the kind of stuff over which lawyers get disbarred.
Blog Author's Comments: Robert Mueller was named special council to handle the Russian investigation. And because of President Trump's comment to the then Director of the FBI James Comey, concerning Michael Flynn - that Trump said he hoped Comey could let it go. Mueller is also looking into this. But - Comey did nothing about it or act on Trump's mention of Flynn. But Mueller's gang is also digging into this and whatever else they think they can do to make a case against Trump. Muller has already hired 13 lawyers and plans to hire more. He is a close friend of James Comey. This is not going to be over soon because he and his staff will carry this at least through the 2018 midterm elections and I have little doubt through President Trump's entire first term. Mueller and the crooked Hillary-connected gang that he stacked his ‘independent’ investigation with, are running a kangaroo court. Mueller is truly leading a 'witch hunt' to take down a President who was duly elected by the people. And I might add we now have the best and most qualified president we have had in many decades.

The Mueller examination is corrupt and I believe the American people stand with Trump. Most of the people, who actually care about what happens to their country, clearly see what the leftist-media and the Democrat Party have become and they do not like it. Bottom line concerning the Democratic Party, leftist media, former FBI Directory James Comey, everyone who is out to take down President Trump -- if Trump succeeds they lose, it’s that simple. If an outsider comes in and is successful that means game over for career politicians and lifelong government officials. They lose their power.

The Congressional Republicans are allowing this to happen. Why would they stand aside allowing this and offering no support unless they believe Mueller will be successful against President Trump. And because of this they are not pushing to move his agenda through the House and Senate. The Democrats are convinced they have already succeeded in being able to win back the House in 2018. A number of Republicans who are up for reelection in 2018 had better get off their sorry asses and throw their support behind President Trump. He was responsible for the wave of Republican victories in the last election and these useless GOP hacks had better realize it before they find themselves packing and leaving DC.

Why have the power if the party is not going to use it? This so-called 'investigation' should have limits, the Mueller probe should only be able to investigate the Russian connection - and there exists nothing that can honestly be proven to tie President Trump's victory - with whatever the Russians did prior to and during the 2016 election. An independent council should not be allowed to look at everyone and everything within the administration, and Trump's finances and his family. The simple explanation is they are being targeted because Mueller and Comey with help from the media and Democrats want Donald Trump gone.

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