Sunday, June 4, 2017

President Vladimir Putin Responds To
Democrats "Vast Russian Conspiracy Theory"

TLR -- Megyn Kelly officially held her coming out party while interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin during a global security conference in St. Petersburg Russia.

During a portion of the Q & A, Kelly confronted President Putin about the vast Russia conspiracy theory.

Blog Author's Comments: Satisfying interview by President Vladimir Putin. Megyn Kelly continues to play the same game she did when she believed she was the queen of Fox News. And Kelly did not tell the truth -- when she supposedly said that President Trump agreed that the Russians infringed in the election. Or that the Russians had anything to do with his winning the presidency.

This may not have been heard during this version of their interview but Vladimir Putin told NBC’s Megyn Kelly on Friday that U.S. interest in Russia’s alleged involvement in the presidential election amounts to “hysteria” that was comparable to anti-Semitism.

Speaking in his native Russian at a panel in St. Petersburg on Friday, a fiery Putin addressed the hacking controversy that has engulfed American politics the past few months.

“It’s surprising,” Putin said of the growing scandal in the U.S. “This is some sort of hysteria. This hysteria never seems to stop. Maybe someone has a pill to cure this hysteria.”

Megyn Kelly is obnoxious, intimidated, and unprepared. She’s repeating herself within the same question and using improper terminology. The Putin interview is just like her show when she was on Fox News. It’s an invitation to bash Trump. Kelly asks leading questions designed to elicit criticism of Trump. Putin wasn’t taking the bait. Nothing good can come to him from angering Trump. Can anyone, including Megan Kelly, explain what constitutes “meddling” in the US election? I don’t think many conservatives agree that Russia meddled or hacked the US election; it’s a democrat misdirection strategy, pure and simple.

This is the same drivel she pulled in the debate. She makes a long statement with her version of the truth and passes it off as a question. She is supposed to be asking questions, she is not a player, not a policy maker, nor anything at all. She is just supposed to be an interviewer. Who the hell does she think she is, debating a world leader on behalf of the US? She is not qualified or authorized to do so. This is not good for our foreign relations.

The Russians did not 'hack the election.' Repeat. The Russians did not 'hack the election.' There is no evidence yet that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia — much less Donald Trump. Even if it turns out it did, it still doesn't mean the election was hacked. This is all the 'mainstream media' has and they will continue to push and run with this during President Trump's entire time in office. This is meant to delegitimize Trump's presidency. And cheerlessly there are far too many moronic, non-thinking people who watch, listen to and believe what the MSM throws at them on a daily basis.

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