Monday, June 5, 2017

For The Protection Of The Electoral College...


Blog Author's Comments: Since the news of Trump’s victory broke the Democrats, leftists, liberals, mainstream media and many millennial snowflakes, have been in a constant state of emotional hatred of the man, our president. He has now been in office a little over 130 days and they have continued the banter and anger that is beyond belief. And the majority of them could not if asked why, give an intelligent reason for their behavior.

It’s no surprise that when forced to choose between the two most disliked major party nominees in modern political history, independents and undecided voters broke for Trump in the waning moments. When backed into such a corner, the middle class is mostly concerned with their livelihood and safety. After eight years of what they determined to be uncertainty in those key areas, a vote for change was likely inspiring.

The founders intentionally established the Electoral College to protect us against a bare majority, and there was never any intention amongst the Continental Congress to create a pure majority-rule democracy. The Electoral College provides checks and balances to the process, preventing a single ideology or branch of government from dominating the political landscape. It was not until a partisan lens was applied, after the most unpredictable and unprecedented upset in presidential election history that the Electoral College began to seem unfair for the crowd known as the ‘Never Trumpers.’

Although his rhetoric may have disenfranchised percentages of every demographic throughout campaign season, Trump won the presidency the only way our county has ever awarded it. No crying and marching and outright bitterness and contempt for our president will give the Trump haters what they want and expect. I don't believe they even know what they want except for the fact that Hillary Clinton, the worst candidate and most corrupt person to ever run for the presidency, will never be our president. And that is a very good thing about living in America now.

Everyone prior to the election had to be feeling some level of anxiety over what a Trump or Clinton presidency would bring our country after such a long and turbulent campaign season. As a Donald Trump supporter since he got into the race for the GOP nominee, I could tell that our country had someone special that could as he said during the campaign - 'Make America Great Again.' The sometimes violent, aggressive and very disrespectful response by so many liberal voters thus far, and their attack on the Electoral College, will only reinforce the motivation to forever keep the Electoral College to protect from a small minority being able to decree something as important as a presidential election. After the results of the 2016 election was made known the political left didn't just lose an election last November, they lost their minds.

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