Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Judge Napolitano: Comey's Pre-Testimony
Statements Reveal Trump Did Nothing Illegal

GP -- Judge Napolitano spoke with Trish Regan on Wednesday concerning former FBI Director James Comey’s statements that were released before his much anticipated Thursday testimony.

Napolitano told FOX Business Network the documents reveal President Trump did nothing illegal.

Judge Napolitano: "It doesn’t appear as though these conversations that the president had with Director Comey could constitute the level of constitutional obstruction of justice necessary to commence any further proceedings like impeachment like Democrats want to do."

Blog Author's Comments: I agree with what Napolitano had to say, but I didn't need the Judge to tell me that Trump did nothing illegal. Liberals have been stuck in desperation since the evening of November 8th and it hasn't improved one bit since then. They have lost their collective minds and it does not appear they will lighten up any time soon.

It is totally bizarre that the fake news keeps coming with no evidence, and the Democrats will continue to play their game no matter how many investigations show that Trump did nothing illegal concerning the Russians and the election. They won't give it up and accept the fact that their candidate lost plain and simple.

The members of the Democratic Party and media just keep making fools of themselves with stories that are nothing but innuendo, false assumptions, anonymous sources, and so on - and when the facts come out, they're proven to be dead wrong - if not blatant liars.

It's disgusting what's become of the mainstream media. Their deceit and untrustworthiness is doing massive harm to this nation. The news media is supposed to be an unbiased source to protect the citizens from government and to inform us of current affairs. Those days are long gone and will never return. Now, most of the so-called journalists are blatant liberals that lie and make up their own stories and report them as factual for those who will accept it. They have given up any pretense of even trying to appear to be unbiased.

The print media, in particular the NY Times and Washington Post, are the worst and years ago they used to have stellar reputations. Now they're acting as nothing more than liberal/progressive rags out to try to destroy anyone and anything that doesn't fit their narrative as they imagine it should be. With broadcast news, CNN, and most of the others are much the same.

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