Monday, June 12, 2017

James Comey's Media Leak Pipeline
Daniel Richman, Has Gone Into Hiding

TLR -- This is transparently suspicious. But don’t rely on the media to point out that clearly innocent people do not need to duck for cover.

The Columbia University professor, Daniel Richman, that the fired FBI Director James Comey utilized as the go-between to provide leaks to the media, has gone into hiding.

According to the New York Post Mr. Richman headed out of town mid-day on Thursday just as FBI Director James Comey told congress that his friend was utilized to feed leaks to the New York Times.

New York – A Columbia University professor from Brooklyn went into hiding Thursday after pal James Comey revealed during his Senate testimony that the man leaked memos detailing the former FBI chief’s conversations with President Trump to the press.

Daniel Richman confirmed by e-mail to several reporters that he was the “good friend” and law-school professor who Comey gave the documents — then bolted out of his Brooklyn Heights home and refused to answer any more questions.

It is absolutely certain that James Comey and Daniel Richman will need to coordinate their stories because the information that Comey gave to congress must match with the timeline of events he described.

Blog Author's Comments: Richman is a former federal prosecutor who worked with Comey at Columbia in 2013. His Ivy League university’s Web site crashed as people nationwide frantically tried to find out more about the mysterious middle man suddenly thrust into the biggest story in the country.

But Richman had vanished from his Henry Street digs by midday, and family members, friends and neighbors wouldn’t answer doors or phone calls to shed any light on where he might be.

How many stories did Daniel Richman leak? How many times did James Comey use Daniel Richman to leak? How was Richman the source for the May 11th New York Times “loyalty” story, if Richman didn’t have the Comey memos until May 16th? There are so many questions for Comey and Richman. And now Richman hides, has skedaddled, ran away.

Donald Trump must have known what Comey was up to. He cleared his office to talk to Comey. He told him something (perhaps Flynn is a good guy) that nobody else would hear, if it leaked, Trump knew that the leaker was Comey.

Folks, the Democrats/MSM - one and the same - and the GOP/RINOS are perhaps conspiring with each other, the Deep State forces and Obama holdovers within the Intelligence community and other Federal Agencies with the Washington Elites, and could be attempting a coup to take down President Trump. The man we the people put into office. And if this is the scenario, this is serious trouble because a large number of Americans do not want them to be successful.

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