Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chris Matthews: Trump Voters Embrace Archie Bunker Stereotype...

Breitbart -- Monday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews said the combination of the Hollywood’s sensitivity to LGBT issues and the Archie Bunker parody of conservative views has caused President Donald Trump’s supporters to embrace the Bunker character.

Matthews said, “Hollywood, the news business is very careful about gender identity, about sexuality. We are very careful with the language we use. Very careful about the LGBT concerns generally. Do you ever see that same sensitivity about white working class people? I grew up in a country that made fun of those people.”

“Archie Bunker was that guy,” he continued. “Hollywood greatly enjoyed making fun of this guy. He was probably Irish, but they didn’t say so. He lived in Queens. So I think Hollywood made a point of enjoying that difference in a way that got to them. And they said, ‘OK, do you want me to be Archie Bunker, I’m voting Republican this time. I’ll stick with you guys.'”
Blog Author's Comments: Chris Matthews embraces the "meathead" stereotype - dead from the neck up. I also suppose he misses the "tingle" he felt up his leg whenever he heard Barrack Hussein Obama speak for eight years. And the "meathead" Rob Reiner has changed, but is now even more of a far left liberal than they would allow him to play years ago. I miss Archie Bunker and what he said and stood for. Today, they would write the show so that Carroll O'Connor could not play the Archie Bunker many of us enjoyed.

Chris Matthews is not even one of the top shows of MSNBC. But, I believe he could do better if he would shut the hell up and gear down his mouth to allow his 'guests' a chance to answer his questions. Instead, he is constantly interrupting them. I have never watched the network aside from the on-line videos. I think he seemed to be subtlety pointing out liberal racism. Liberals are sensitive to some groups but insulting toward others.

What the Obama administration and his media did was lay the pathway for Donald Trump to step in and wake up the silent majority. Here was and is someone who said what so many Americans had been desperate to hear. This is more proof the left doesn't know who the Trump voters are, and they do not want to know. It seems like every time I read an article by the left they are calling Trump voters names. Or the news shows are constantly disparaging Trump voters. They are still actually wondering how Hillary Clinton lost the election. They don't seem to have a clue, they have simply ramped up their liberal/leftist rhetoric with hope that this will help the Democratic Party in 2018 and 2020.

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