Thursday, May 4, 2017

Here's The Trump Ad CNN Refused To Broadcast...

CNN refused to allow the Trump Campaign to purchase air-time for the following ad celebrating President Trump’s first 100 days.

According to CNN: “The mainstream media is not fake news, and therefore the ad is false. Per our policy, it will be accepted only if that graphic is deleted.”

Censorship for political purposes? You decide.
Blog Author's Comments: Nothing in that ad was a lie. Of course this is done for political purposes. We have a President who has accomplished quite a lot in the last 100 days without some Congressional Republicans, without the Democrats and without the Media. We have huge problems and only Trump is willing to take them on. He should be rewarded for that and not cursed and threatened. As Sean Hannity has been saying, “journalism is dead”. Perhaps they forgot that their CNN reporters gave Hillary the questions before the debate?

If CNN runs any political advertising after refusing this ad then they’re guilty of First Amendment violations. I believe that the only valid reason they can refuse an ad is if it violates public decency (FCC) laws. That didn’t happen here. This is a problem for CNN. Their bias is on full display, the Trump ad is being watched by more people, trending on YouTube, and he pays CNN absolutely nothing while making himself the victim of political censorship.

If CNN didn’t have a monopoly in our airports and doctors’ offices, they would have been dumped long ago. They’ve been nothing but a propaganda machine for the Left since their start over two decades ago. What is most interesting to me is that CNN did not claim that any of Trump’s other accomplishments were not true.

Also, I wonder if the ad was turned down by any other network, or was it only targeted to CNN? At this point, I would think that CNN has to refuse all political ads; there was nothing in the ad which wasn’t true. We get ads on TV all the time from politicians touting their position on issues or accomplishments. Once again here is CNN and their 'Fake News'.

CBS, CNN, ABC Refuse to Run Trump 100 Day Ad

It’s not exactly a secret that CNN hates Donald Trump. CNN refused to run a pro-Trump ad this week. The ad included a shot of popular fake news figures.

CNN didn’t like the ad so they refused to play it. The left hates when their #FakeNews meme gets shoved back into their faces.

Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with TV networks not named ‘Fox News’ has clicked into a new gear as ABC, CBS and NBC have all joined CNN in refusing to run an ad from the president’s re-election campaign committee.

The ad shows hosts from all four networks under a banner that reads ‘FAKE NEWS.’

It’s the Trump campaign’s first commercial since winning the White House, and although it is three years out from the next election, it declares the nation has ‘rarely seen such success.’

The ad blasts the ‘fake news’ media for failing to see things that way – and includes CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Also included are MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell, CBS’s Scott Pelley and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in its rogues gallery.
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