Thursday, May 18, 2017

Elizabeth Warren Says US Corporate Tax Rate Not Too High

**The United States has the highest top statutory corporate tax rate in the G20.

GP -- Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Told Yahoo News, US corporate tax rates are not high enough. And many of her Democrat counterparts also believe this nonsense.

Elizabeth Warren: "Somebody’s going to have to pay the bill to keep the government running. A generation ago corporations paid 30% of what it cost to run the federal government. Today corporations pay less than 10% and that means it falls on everyone else. All of those expenses then fall on working families."
Blog Author's Comments: When seeking economic advice never listen to a Socialist/Democrat. There will never be enough money for them; they want it all and then some. The problem is how much the government is spending. Elite politicians like Warren work very hard in an attempt to fabricate for the low-information crowd, that all corporations should be looked upon as the enemy, rather than the government. This is what they all do, its something so many politicians soon learn to be successful. Both parties’ do it but the Democrats are guiltier of this. And much of the time this works for them.

So when the uninitiated sees the government raising corporate taxes they think it's good. And they blame the corporations for the resulting increase in the cost of goods and services. One way or another, the government is going to take the earnings of the average American. Our problem is the government is very good at blame-shifting. The fake Indian, Sen. Warren, cannot be believed no matter what she is talking about.

It's because she's a Socialist that she hasn't redistributed her own wealth but concentrates on redistributing everyone else's. She is speaking to her economically illiterate base. The federal government operates under the principle that if a program or department does not spend its entire allotted fiscal budget; it will not be allowed to increase that budget. Therefore, all budgets are exceeded intentionally, every year.

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