Thursday, May 11, 2017

Auntie Maxine: Jeff Sessions Is A
Racist Who Wants To Keep Blacks Down

Down Trend -- Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters who has emerged from the pack of disorganized idiots as one of the party’s leadership figures is at it again.

Temporarily redirecting her fire away from President Donald Trump, the crazy old lady in the Dem’s attic blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a “racist” who wants to “keep minorities in their place” during a sit down with the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart.

While the WAPO has been promoting a new motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness” perhaps a more appropriate slogan would be that “In Darkness, Our Bullshit Thrives” as the paper’s war on Trump enters its second year.

Nutty Waters made her explosive accusations on Capehart’s podcast Cape Up.

According to the WAPO “Maxine Waters: Jeff Sessions believes ‘it’s his job to keep minorities in their place’”:

“I think he’s a racist, I think he’s a throwback and I don’t mind saying it, any day of the week.”

Oh, I bet you think Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) was talking about President Trump. Nope. In the latest episode of “Cape Up,” the gentlewoman from Los Angeles was unloading on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I think that Jeff Sessions is very dangerous … and I think that he absolutely believes that it’s his job to keep minorities in their place,” Waters told me. “And so I think we have to watch him, we have to keep an eye on him, and be prepared to push back.”

The 13-term California congresswoman sat down with me in her Capitol Hill office on May 4, just after delivering a speech on the House floor against the Trumpcare bill, but before she had to dash back out to cast her “no” vote. So emphatic is Waters in making her points against the president and the attorney general and, well, everything, that you will hear her finger and ring tapping the desk as she makes each point.

Waters became known as “Auntie Maxine” after R. Eric Thomas’s hilarious and brilliantly written review of her blunt, no-nonsense 21-second comments about a briefing with FBI Director James Comey back in January. The title of Thomas’s piece for was “Congresswoman Maxine Waters Will Read You Now.” And for 30 minutes, to quote Thomas, Waters continued “reading this town for filth.”

“I’m so offended by this president that I think it requires me to speak truth to power, to say it like it is and to be as honest as I possibly can about what I think about him being the president of this country,” Waters told me. She believes Trump “colluded with the Russians, with the Kremlin … to undermine our election system and thus undermine our democracy.”

“This man has no good values. … He’s indecent,” Waters continued, railing against Trump.

It is mind-boggling that the Democrats are of the belief that moonbats like Waters are going to appeal to voters of a sound mind come election time. Auntie Maxine may have been treated like royalty at the recent MTV awards but it’s the same idiots in the safe space of their liberal echo chamber.

The media adores Waters as well – just as they did Hillary – but let’s face it, every time that she opens her yap, bats fly out.

But this bizarre witch’s brew of conspiracy theories, race-baiting, intolerance, identity politics and general lunacy just isn’t in touch with mainstream America.
Blog Author's Comments: One of the elected officials who are keeping many of the poor and uneducated folks down is Rep. Maxine Waters. Blacks don't need to worry about Attorney General Sessions. They do a good job of it themselves. Is it President Trump and AG Sessions doing the following to the black folks? Children born out of wedlock and no father figure around, many do not do well in school and cannot qualify for a job, plenty of them are into the gang and gangster culture, way too many are either selling or doing-drugs or both, out of control black crime rates and shootings, and there is the generational dependence on welfare.

Their 'wounds' are self-inflicted, but Maxine Waters would rather blame whitey for everything. The woman is truly, mentally on the edge. I don't believe she even knows what she is saying much of the time. It is pathetic, how utterly stupid the people must be that vote for her. Perhaps this is what helps Waters continue to be reelected.

Has this woman ever done anything productive? She continues with the same narrative time after time. All she ever contributes to society is her ranting against people who don't agree with her. And what does she or has she done for her constituents that keeps them putting their faith and trust in her? Would someone fetch this crazy old woman a tin foil hat in the shape of a James Brown wig?

Under the rules established by liberal and black proponents of the last "president," if a white person criticized Obama, for any reason, whether justified or not, it automatically qualified the critic as racist. After which, followed the absolute and total marginalization of the critic, no room for debate. This, of course, does not hold true with Rep. Maxine Waters’s criticism of Trump or Sessions and anyone else who is a member of the Republican Party. It's hard to comprehend how Rep. Maxine Waters holds the office that she does, given her long history of consistently vilifying decent American public servants.

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