Tuesday, April 18, 2017

University Snowflake Tarnishes Pro-Life Memorial...

Truth Revolt -- Another weak, feeble-minded University snowflake has desecrated a pro-life memorial in the name of social justice. Free speech be damned.
Washington State University Students for Life set up the display this week to raise awareness about the number of babies killed in abortions every day, the Daily Evergreen student newspaper reports. The 'Cemetery of the Innocents' display included 300 pink crosses, each representing the lives of 10 babies who are aborted every day in the United States.

On Wednesday, a pro-abortion student tore the crosses out of the ground twice and later admitted to his actions, according to the report.
The culprit, a student named Keaton Aspell, apparently has the self-control of a child, because he informed the newspaper that when he saw the pro-life display this past Wednesday, he felt so disgusted that had to immediately throw a temper tantrum and tear the crosses from their resting.

Mommy and daddy clearly did not hug little Keaton enough before sending him out into the grown up world. Poor baby.

His antics did not deter the group from displaying the crosses again, but since that wasn't enough time for Keaton to grow up, he came back to tear them up once again.

Nicole Manzione, a pro-life club member, tried to stop Keaton, but as any parent knows, children in the midst of a tantrum can be difficult to reason with.

“We tried to have a good conversation with him, calm and civil, and he just kept taking them down no matter what we said,” Manzione said.​

Katie Lodjic, Northwest Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America, said the display wanted to teach people about the pains of abortion.

“Hosting displays like a cemetery of the innocents is used as a tool to create dialogue on campus and bring awareness to the thousands of innocent human lives that are lost every day due to abortion,” Lodjic told LifeNews. “We need more displays like this on campuses so that women can learn about the reality of abortion, before making the abortion decision.”
Blog Author's Comments: I don't care if a person is pro-choice or pro-life, this in my mind is not the issue, what he did was wrong. If this was a pro-choice display and it was removed, it would be the lead story on many of the mainstream media networks. People like Keaton Aspell perform their acts and fade into the herd, knowing that the herd will usually protect them. Regardless of what his thoughts are concerning abortion, by the time he is of the age to attend college, he should have learned that one does not act the way he did. He ripped out the crosses, not once but twice. I am seriously perplexed why he was not physically restrained by someone. Basically, I have to wonder why he did not get his ass kicked. Now days, so many like this self-centered type of person, know that they will not pay for the results of their actions, and it really is too bad that they usually do not.

If I was one of the group that put the display in place and he would not stop removing the crosses, then I would probably have been in trouble, not only from the leaders of the university, but maybe the local police department. You may not agree with the folks who put the display in place but you have no right to tear it down. Perhaps his mother should have been "pro-abortion". Liberals don't handle reality well or free speech, or opinions that are not theirs, as they continue to act out and prove their immaturity. It is a shame about what has happened to so much of academia, and the leftists who seem to be running and teaching at so many of the so-called schools of "higher leaning." I do not believe that this will ever change, this will only become worse.

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