Monday, April 17, 2017

Politically Oriented Videos & Links To Political News…

Interesting Border Wall
Proposal Submitted To DHS

Cops Accused Of Hanging Back From Berkeley Trump Protests

KT McFarland During
Interview On Fox News Sunday

Lois Lerner Demands Secrecy In Tea Party Targeting Lawsuit Testimony

AG Jeff Sessions Talks About Border
Security, Gangs, MS-13 And Enforcement

Can Maxine Waters Even Spell Impeachment?

Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Speaks Bluntly At
Press Conference Following Meeting With Putin In Moscow

First Lady Melania Trump's Visit To Home For Abused Girls Goes Unreported

Hacking Of DNC Was To Get Information
On Hillary To Use Against Her As President

North Korea's Embarrassing Missile Launch Failure
May Have Been Caused
By U.S. Cyber Attack

Judge Andrew Napolitano Stands By Report And Sources
Who Say Obama Spied On Trump Using British Intel Group

Syria: Watching The Jordanian Border, America's Military Buildup

Democrat Excuse To Stop Border Wall:
Birds And Bats Might Not Be Able To Fly Over It

Trump Did Not Flip-Flop On NATO, He Wants Deadbeat Members To Pay Fair Share

HR McMaster Discusses
The Long-Range Objectives

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