Friday, April 7, 2017

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Obama Lied About Removing All Chemical Weapons From Syria

There’s a fact-check outfit out there called PolitiFact, and it’s like all the other fact-check outfits. The Washington Post has one; the AP has one. These fact-check outfits exist only to discredit and impugn President Trump. Well, the PolitiFact has had to retract a story they categorized as “mostly true” three years ago, and this story is big. Three years ago, Barack Obama and his Regime were an abject disaster. But they were claiming success after success, particularly in the Middle East.

One of the things that the Obama administration was celebrating was that they had completely removed chemical weapons from Syria. Obama drew that red line and the Syrians and everybody else realized what a bad dude they were dealing with, and the media told us how they cowered in fear, and they did remove 100% of their chemical weapons. There’s a problem now, though. Those chemical weapons were just used in an attack in Syria on Syrian citizens. So how could the Obama administration have gotten rid of all of these weapons? The claim was - the assertion being was that they gave all of that chemical weapons stock to the Russians.

The Obama administration, now the dire enemy of the Russians, victimized by the Russians, gave the chemical weapon stocks in Syria to the Russians. And this probably means the Russians gave the stockpile of weapons right back to the Syrians. But the PolitiFact story retracts a 2014 article that said it was “mostly true” that the Obama administration “helped broker a deal that successfully removed 100% of chemical weapons from Syria.” So a story that was a lie backed up by PolitiFact for three years has been retracted, and the upshot is the Obama administration did not succeed in successfully removing all of Syria’s chemical weapons, as we now know because those weapons were used recently.

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