Monday, April 10, 2017

Obama's DOJ - Protected Alien
Child Rapist, Now Accused Of Murde

Breitbart -- An illegal alien who allegedly twice raped his 15-year-old stepdaughter now stands accused of murdering the girl after Obama’s Department of Justice refused to prosecute him on human smuggling charges. ICE officers were never able to deport the man despite a lengthy criminal history that includes charges of assault, burglary, and human smuggling.

Many opportunities to prevent the needless rape and murder of a young Texas girl slipped by the wayside before 36-year-old Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez twice impregnated his victim, Jennifer Delgado. In 2008, police arrested the Mexican national for assault. A local prosecutor chose to drop the charges, the Washington Times reported. In 2009, Garcia-Ramires found himself in custody – this time, charged with assault. Prosecutors also dismissed this charge.

In 2011, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers took arrested the man and attempted to deport him. A judge granted the man bond and released him. No further information about this case is currently available.

ICE officers took another shot at deporting Garcia-Ramirez in 2016 after he was arrested and charged with smuggling five illegal aliens into the country. ICE officers arrested him and asked the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas to press charges. Claiming the lack of a good witness, the U.S. Attorney declined to prosecute.

By this time, the 36-year-old man had already fathered a child with the teenage girl who he would later kill, the Daily Mail reported. One month later, he impregnated the girl again.

Despite his criminal history, Garcia-Ramirez applied for legal status. The Obama Administration granted him a work permit.

In early March, Garcia-Ramirez asked the teenage girl’s mother to meet him at a bank so that he could give her some money they had been arguing over. The mother, identified in court records as “O,” left Delgado and her baby at home while she went to meet him at the bank.

Instead of meeting “O” at the bank, Garcia-Ramirez went to the house and shot the 9-month pregnant girl twice, killing her and her unborn child. He left the 1-year-old child unharmed and fled the scene, the Daily Mail reported.[...]

The two responding officers then went to the apartment and found the young girl. Garcia-Rameriz reportedly shot her several times in the head. Garcia-Ramirez remains in custody in the Bexar County jail in San Antonio without bond. He faces two counts of capital murder. ICE placed an immigration detainer on the Mexican national.

This is not the first time a Mexican national has gone on to commit heinous crimes after the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Antonio declined prosecution of a criminal alien. President Barack Obama appointed Richard L. Durbin, Jr., as the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas in December 2014.
Blog Author's Comments: The poor girl, Jennifer Delgado, never had a chance. Her mother wouldn't protect her from her abuser, and the corrupt Obama government wouldn't prosecute her abuser. Obama had and still has total disregard for the laws pertaining to illegals currently on the books. Under 0bama, the U.S. Department of Justice and 0bama, Holder and Lynch might have had the following motto: "We don't enforce the law, we are the law!" And this worked with so many liberal/progressive voters for eight years. Quite amazing, pathetic and I believe criminal.

I will be waiting for the Hollywood elite and the DC left to come out marching for Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramirez, the alien scum's release because "he just wanted a better life." This is what happens when the government is infiltrated by imposters who sacrifice our own citizens and society for the benefit of alien invaders. There are many more true stories much like this that we are not aware of. Obama was not only the worst president in our history; he was the most evil man to ever hold the office. And lastly, all Sanctuary Cities and States should have the plug pulled of any government funds they receive, until they follow the laws of the land concerning illegals in our country.

Now that the Senate gave, via Harry Reid the 'nuclear option', to President Trump, a simple majority vote on judicial nominees, is all that is needed to fire Obama' attorneys. I don't believe they can appeal their ouster. Many of the thinking Americans know how Obama abused the courts, the law, the IRS, the Justice Department, and judicial appointments to push his America-hating agenda. There is absolutely no reason to retain any of Obama's appointments, who will only do harm to the country.

Now, let's build the wall and hire many more trained and armed border guards in an attempt to keep the illegals in their own countries. We already have enough to handle with the thugs who are American citizens but cannot or refuse to control themselves.

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