Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Will Neil Gorsuch Open The GOP To
Nuking The 60 Vote Cloture Requirement?

Sparta Report -- Democrat Chris Coons of Delaware was on with Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe on MSNBC and described the “tragic” end to the filibuster in the Senate. He predicted it would probably happen during the Neil Gorsuch confirmation vote.

SCARBOROUGH: Let’s me ask you a couple of quick policy questions. First of all, Gorsuch. I’m disappointed in a lot of what I’m hearing. I know Gorsuch, obviously, follows Garland and the Republicans acted in an abhorrent manner on Garland, but is that any reason for us to not give Gorsuch a fair look?

COONS: Well, Gorsuch got what Garland didn’t, which — a fair hearing. He got a full four days of hearings last week. I questioned him vigorously, some would say aggressively. And he is a charming man. He’s got a good resume. He’s got strong qualifications in terms of his education —


COONS: — and service on the court but he would be, by some measures, the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court.

SCARBOROUGH: So, should he deserve an up or down vote in the Senate?

COONS: He will get an up or down vote. Senator Schumer, our minority leader, has said it’s going to be a 60-vote margin and I doubt he’s going to get 60 votes. And the question then, Joe, becomes what do we do? There’s a lot of finger-pointing. There’s a lot of Democrats justifiably still very mad about the treatment of Merrick Garland.

SCARBOROUGH: Obviously, yes, but do you not think we’re going to get to 60 votes?

COONS: I don’t think he’s going to get 60 votes.

SCARBOROUGH: For cloture?


SCARBOROUGH: All right. Well, so then the Republicans are going to pass it using the so-called nuclear option.

COONS: Almost certainly, and I think this is tragic. And in talking to friends on both sides of the aisle we’ve got a lot of senators concerned about where we’re headed. There’s Republicans still very mad at us over the 2013 change to the filibuster rule. We’re mad at them about shutting down the government. They’re mad at us about Gorsuch and we are not headed in a good direction. I’m very concerned about where we’re headed.

Blog Author's Comments: All I can say to Democrat Chris Coons is - GOOD! You say your are very concerned about where we’re headed. How 'concerned' were you in 2013? Seriously, I don't believe you were concerned one damn bit in 2013, and I have no doubt that you said to Senate Majority Leader 'Dingy' Harry Reid, good job!

The 'nuclear option' was a good thing when the Democrats were in power, now the shoe is on the other foot and everyone with a functioning brain knows that the Democrats are never going to work with President Trump for the next 4 to 8 years. And they would never vote with the GOP to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch. As far as a hearing on Obama's appointment Garland to fill the 9th seat on the high court, happily this did not happen because of something Coons is familiar with, but did not mention, called the 'Biden Rule'. As a senator more than two decades ago, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. argued that President George Bush should delay filling a Supreme Court vacancy, should one arise, until the presidential election was over, and that it was “essential” that the Senate refuse to confirm a nominee to the court until then.

The Republicans will never get 60 votes for any Trump bill until 2019. If Schumer and Pelosi, what a pathetic pair or human beings they are, tell their members in the Senate and House not to vote for a bill, or in this case Neil Gorsuch, they will fall right in line with them and the 60 votes will always be unattainable. The Republican controlled Senate should use the ‘nuclear option’ as often as needed to pass their agenda and bury the Democrats as deep as possible before the next election.

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