Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Trump's Address To Congress Was Definitely A Winner...

The Twilight Zone: Two Minutes Of
Unabashed Trump Praise From The Media

Blog Author's Comments: A brief look and opinion after President Trump's address to Congress - from the moment the President stepped to the podium Tuesday night he looked Presidential and in control, but I have always thought he was presidential. Then he delivered one of the best speeches any President has given while the whole county and world was watching.

The mainstream media would have looked more ridiculous and irrelevant than they already are if they had trashed him last night. Their reaction was self preservation more than anything else. I believe the MSM has already alienated a large chunk of working class Americans from themselves. They just don’t read widely enough on the internet to understand how widespread the disdain is for them although you’d think their low ratings would give them a clue.

I take umbrage at Van Jones asinine comment that Trump “became” President of the United States at a specific moment in last nights speech. No, he became president when the people elected him and he became president on January 20th when he was inaugurated. I don’t trust the press at all and I think they know they are turning off the majority of the country and most people have tuned the MSM out. They are merely attempting to be relevant again.

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