Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Political Videos And Links To Political News...

Senator Tom Cotton Joins Meet The Press

Radical Judges On Fourth Circuit Set Stage For A National Gun Ban

Trump Pushes For Massive Budget Cuts At EPA

Krauthammer: Trump's Plan To Increase Defense Spending By
$54 Billion Must Happen To Reverse Obama's Ruinous Downgrade

House Intelligence Chair: No Evidence Of Trump, Russian Ties

Black Waitress Caught Lying About Racist Receipt From White Customer

Pelosi Trashes Trump Supporters, Says:
We Are Listening To Cases For Impeachment

George Bush Criticizes President Trump

DHS Now Taking Bids On Border Wall

New NRA Commercial
Destroys New York Times

Self Deportation Beginning Ahead Of Schedule

White Men 'Should Pay 5% More Tax Due To Privilege'

Maria Bartiromo Destroys Leftist Democrat Rep. Who Will
Bring Muslim Immigrant As Guest At Trump Speech To Congress

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