Thursday, February 9, 2017

Recent Audio From The Rush Limbaugh Show...

The Democrat Party Is A
Shrinking And Dwindling Hate Group

"I'm Not Opposed To Criticizing
Judges, I Don't Think They're GODS"

Elites And U.N. Moved Into High Gear To Defend
Militant Islamic Extremism After 9/11 Attacks

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Trump Destroys Leftist Judges By Reading Law Word-For-Word

Warren 'Silenced' Again After Video Surfaces
Of MLK's Wife Thanking
Senator Sessions

President Trump Turns His Fire On Treacherous John McCain

Media Working To Drive Wedge Between Trump And SCOTUS Nominee

Kristol Backs More Immigration Because White Working Class Is 'Lazy And Spoiled'

Senate Confirms Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions passed the confirmation process on Wednesday night despite the antics of most Democrats within the upper chamber. Sessions won unanimous backing from Senate Republicans and picked up the support of Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia.

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