Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Law Enforcement Applauds President
Trump's Attack On The 'Dishonest Media'

Breitbart -- Law enforcement officials applauded after President Donald Trump attacked the “dishonest media” for misleading Americans to believe that police officers were no longer respected in the country.

Trump asserted that many young Americans had “tremendous respect” for law enforcement, despite what they might have heard on the news.

He explained that young people considered law enforcement officials as “role models” and even wanted to be a police officer or a sheriff when they grew up.

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you different, don’t let the dishonest media try and convince you that it’s different than that, because it’s not,” Trump said, as the audience applauded.

Trump made his remarks at the Major Cities Chiefs Association Winter Conference.

He vowed “zero tolerance” for acts of violence against law enforcement officials, acknowledging that they had experienced difficulties in the past few years.

But he acknowledged that people who wore the law enforcement uniform would be held to the highest possible conduct.

Trump said that law enforcement had been unfairly undermined in recent years, and deserved unity and support.

“Those who demonize law enforcement or use the actions of a few to discredit the service of many are hurting the very people they say they want to help,” he said.
Blog Author's Comments: I am extremely tired of the dishonest media diversions. We get it, the media is full of liberals and liberals are pathological liars, so now what? Now let’s get Senator Sessions sworn in and allow him to get to work. Let him go after the gangs of thugs that are responsible for so much of the crime in so many cities. Go after the leaders of sanctuary cities, towns, counties and villages. Once the federal law enforcement starts to scratch the surface, on what's behind this media bias, I'm sure the name Soros will be mentioned.

Leftists, liberals, and progressives are like hyenas, brave in a pack. The American public who care for the country has your back President Trump. I now look at most of the televised media as 'fake news.' CNN is at the top of it. They applaud domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter, which was based on a lie concerning a black thug and white police officer. The leftist media knew this but ran with it and still do. 'Hands up, don't shoot' was a complete fabrication that has led to many protests, destruction of property, looting and injury to innocent people.

Now is the time for law enforcement to do their jobs with Trump in the White House. If one cannot trust the police who can we trust. Wishful thinking, but if the 9th circuit rules for Trump, the liberals and Democrats will explode. Obama and his administration created the race relations that now exist and ignored the law to bring the illegal immigrants to our country. There will be more people for the taxpayers to take care of and more crime to weigh on our police departments. There are already too many people who show total disrespect for the law, and this will not be reversed any time soon if ever.

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