Thursday, January 12, 2017

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With CNN's Credibility In Tatters Anderson
Cooper Attempts To Defend Propaganda

Former Senior Judiciary Staffer Dismantles Anti-Sessions Arguments

Sean Spicer: I Told CNN's Jim Acosta If He
Behaves Like That Again I'll Have Him Removed

Buzzfeed's Trump Report Takes 'Fake News' To A New Level

Greenwald: The Washington Compost
Rewarded For Misleading Public About Russia

The Best Press Conference In The History Of Press Conferences

President Obama's Job Performance

Jeff Sessions Takes A Stand For 2nd Amendment, Liberals Seek Safe Place

RNC Communications Director
Sean Spicer On FNC's 'MediaBuzz'

Prestigious Golf Club May Deny Obama's
Membership Application Due To His
Anti-Israel UN Move

Chuck Woolery Reacts To The
Celebrities' Demands For Congress

DNI Clapper Seeks To Mend Fences Between Trump And Intel Community

Obama Claims That Race
Relations Have Improved In The US

Blog Author's Comments -- Why should President-Elect Trump show respect to people trying to destroy him? If they’re going to disrespect Trump, if they are showing up every day with the effort, the objective to entrap Trump, why should he help them? Why should they be rewarded? Where is it written that just because they’re the media they are automatically granted respect? Why do they not have to earn it? And I don’t mean respect by never challenging or just bowing down and agreeing with everything.

But you have to admit, we all understand the relationship the media has with Republicans. They want to destroy us! There is no goodwill about it. If these reporters, If one of the networks is responsible for trying to sell a pack of lies for the purpose of destroying Donald Trump, why is he obligated to take their question? The hell with them, there is a new man in town who does not intend to take their garbage. The media is there to grease the skids of whoever the Democrats are. The media is there advancing the Democrat Party agenda. Why does he have to make it easy for them to attempt to trip him up, to harm him?

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